We Still Have the Best Ford F-150 Snow Plow

26V Snow Plow on a blue F-150 truck

The Best Ford F-150 Snow Plow

A couple of years ago Sno-Way® announced the audacious news that we had the only tested and approved Ford F-150 snow plow on the market.  The Sno-Way® 26 Series plow was specially made so that it could be rated for use with not only the regular F-150 but even with ones sporting the Ecoboost engines!  We ran successful field tests with actual end-users and owners of F-150 trucks during both plowing operations and road transport situations.  We left nothing to chance to bring you the best snow plow on the market.  Two years later Sno-Way® topped ourselves by redesigning our versatile plow to make it even more amazing!

Quality and Variety in 1/2-Ton Truck Snow Plows

We actually have a few different plows that will fit the 1/2-ton truck class, but our 26 Series 2 snow plow is specially constructed to get the most out of your Ford F-150 truck.  Our Sno-Way® engineers have added even more value to these sturdy plows.  The 26 Series 2 was initially designed with a special sub-frame that maximizes airflow to the truck while providing strong support for the blade.
26 Series 2 Ford F-150 snow plow
The high-strength steel blade on the Sno-Way® 26 Series 2 is kept looking good and slick with the Triple-Coat Protection: zinc phosphate wash, automotive E-Coat primer, and military-grade powder coat combination. The Triple-Coat Protection System delivers a surface that is resistant to penetration by salt, sand, stones, or any other aggregate material.

Feature-Rich and Built to Perform

As with all Sno-Way® snow plows, there is a ton of standard features that make it the best value on the market.   Our patented Shock Killer™ trip return system helps to protect your equipment from damage when you hit an obstacle while plowing.  Add to that our patented Ground Hugger™ blade design.  This feature utilizes the natural pressure of the plowed snow, transferring it to the blade to force the blade downward.  The 26 Series 2 also comes equipped with our patented ESS® Smart System,  The ESS® system is our plow lighting system is a simple and effective military-grade connection system that allows you to eliminate failure-prone relays.  This plug-n-play harness installs quickly and allows you to transfer plows from one vehicle to another without the expense of installing a separate lighting system.
Speaking of lighting, our Sno-Way® 26 Series 2 plows come standard with our exclusive LED Thermosensitive Heated Lights!  These lights are remarkably bright, allowing you to light up your entire work area.  Additionally, these lights are equipped with sensors that activate the heating units only when needed to conserve energy.

Plenty Of Options for Ford F-150 Snow Plow

In addition to the standard features, there are an array of options to make this amazing plow even better!  There are two in particular that you should consider.  First, Sno-Way® can couple the patented Down Pressure® System with these plows to maximize productivity.  This hydraulic system adds up to 250-lbs of downward pressure to make your plow up to 30% more efficient.  This industry-first scrapes clean forward and maximizes back dragging.
Secondly, our Wireless ProControl™ 2 Plus allows you to control your plow without drilling through your vehicle’s firewall or snaking wires through your engine and dashboard.  Ergonomically designed for easy use in either your right or left hand, this controller is backlit with custom control options.  It will operate both your Sno-Way® snow plow and your Sno-Way® tailgate spreader.

Don’t Forget Ice Management

As we all know, plowing the snow is only half of the battle.  Managing the cleared pavement to prevent a slick surface due to ice buildup is just as important!  That is why we have developed a full line of salt spreaders for trucks, UTVs, and skid steers/tractors.  Whether you go with our classic tailgate spreader or the higher-capacity Revolution™ V-Box, you will not be disappointed!


Our classic tailgate spreaders are perfect for those smaller jobs, coming in 4-cubic-foot, 6-cubic-foot, and 9-cubic-foot models.  These spreaders fit any truck with a 2″ receiver.  Our fully encapsulated 12-volt electric motor and enclosed belt reduction drive assembly power our tailgate spreaders, providing ample power that is protected from the elements.  These spreaders have a spread radius of 10-30 feet.
Our Revolution™ V-Box spreaders are built for the serious contractor!  From the RVB10 (10-cubic-feet) to the RVB4300 (4.3-cubic-yard), we have something for everyone.  The RVB10 is versatile enough to be used for UTVs or trucks, as either a broadcast or a drop spreader.  The RVB500 can also be converted to a drop spreader with our optional hood attachment.  All of the Revolution™ V-Box spreaders come with an enclosed motor and gearbox running a steel auger, mounted inside a roto-molded and ribbed hopper.  Almost all models come standard with our adjustable inverted-V system that helps to prevent clogging.  There are many more features and options for the Sno-Way® Revolution™ V-Box spreaders!  Check them out HERE!

What Are You Waiting For?

The Sno-Way® “Stronger, Smarter, Better Through Innovation” slogan is no idle boast considering the dozens of industry patents earned.  For three decades, Sno-Way® plows and spreaders have helped thousands of people remove snow and control ice. Our plows are used by homeowners, small businesses, plowing contractors, and municipalities.  All of them have found that our commitment to quality and performance is unsurpassed!
Allow us to help you reach your maximum potential…call one of our many retailers TODAY. Let one of their knowledgeable salespeople help you find the right Sno-Way® snow plow for your vehicle and purpose!