2 Plus

Intuitive Wireless Control Design

ProControl 2 Plus Wireless Snow Plow Controller

ProControl™ 2 Plus

Control your plow and spreader with the ergonomically designed ProControl™ 2 Plus — offered in a wired configuration or patented wireless design — which provides the ultimate in-cab flexibility.

ProControl™ 2 Plus

In addition, the wireless controller eliminates cumbersome dash wires that can easily become tangled or restrict placement of the control — especially for left hand use. The wireless ProControl™ 2 Plus keeps your truck cab in original condition and installs in minutes with ZERO drilling or wire harness “snaking” through the vehicle firewall. (A wired version is also available).


Ergonomic Design

  • Allows for comfortable right or left hand operation

Customized Settings

  • Customize your macro settings to program your own unique plow configuations (A-B)

Reactive Down Pressure® Hydraulics

  • With the one-time push of a button, this system is ALWAYS
    reactive to the landscape you’re plowing — adding 250 pounds
    of downward force, no matter the terrain

Backlit & No Dash Wires

  • Control is backlit for night time use… installs in just minutes

Dual Controls

  • Will operate both plow and tailgate spreader at the same time

Works with all Sno-Way® plows and tailgate spreaders

  • Will operate both plow and tailgate spreader at the same time