Double Hinge Plows

Move More Snow – In Less Time

Offered on the Revolution Series of plows

Technical Drawing of Snow Plow wing positions

No-Gap wing design

The patented Double Wing Mechanism offered on the Revolution™ Series of plows greatly increases snow moving capabilities.


The hydraulically-controlled blade wings pivot 150 degrees (REVHD, 29RVHD) and 90 degrees (29R, 26R) allowing the plower to turn his machine into a box plow, a scoop plow, a wide straight plow, a curb-cleaning plow, a half scoop plow and anything else the job requires.
In the optimal positions, the Double Wing plows will always out perform any V-Plow, Expandable Wing Plow or Straight plow with wings.

Dual Hydraulic Wings

Controlled by hand held controller

No-Gap wing design

Triple axis plow – center angle and dual wing angles

Fast and responsive hydraulic action