29RSKD Series Skid Steer Snow Plow

"This plow is adaptable to all plowing situations"

— Richard F

Top of the Line Contractor's Plow

Sno-Way 29RSKD Series Snow Plow

Move Up to 4.8 Cubic Yards of Snow

The 29R Series for skid steers get the job done. It’s built with commercial grade strength and adjustable wings to go from a straight plow to a plow box in a snap and move snow in a hurry. Add optional Down Pressure® Hydraulic System and Wireless Pro-Control™ for even more versatility!

Built for Home or Commercial Use

Sno-Way SKD Expandable plows are built for either personal use or commercial snow plowing applications and work with
universal skid steer plate or tractor loader attachment plates for easy hook ups.


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Model 29RSKD-8'-10"
Blade Width 106"
Blade Height 29"
Weight 839 lbs.
Plow Lights ESS LED Thermosensitive
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System Not Available
Wireless Control Optional
Mount System Drive In
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.

Available in 8′-10″, the 29R Series are built professional strength for professional results, it gets the job done. Top of the line in the Sno-Way expandable blade series. Simple, fast and reliable, the ultimate in SKD snow removal equipment.