About Sno-Way®

About Sno-Way®

Sno-Way International Corporate HeadquartersFor more than 4 decades, Sno-Way® snow plows and salt spreaders have helped thousands of homeowners, small businesses, plowing contractors and municipalities remove snow and control ice. Our STRONGER – SMARTER – BETTER slogan is no idle boast considering our dozens of industry patented innovations.

Sno-Way® Snow plow Fabrications are under ISO 9002:2000 and CE certifications using high strength steels, laser cutting and robot welding. Precision laser cutting of all plow components is necessary to achieve the highest quality finished products.

Hartford Wisconsin based Sno-Way® International is a leading manufacturer of snow and ice control products. We offer a wide range of snow removal equipment suitable for nearly any application: Commercial Snow Plows, Light Commercial Snow Plows, and Home Use Snow Plows. Sno-Way® also has Tailgate Salt Spreaders and V-box Spreaders for controlling ice on parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. Additionally we have a full line of Plow Accessories and Salt Spreader Accessories.

Sno-Way® International, Inc.  leads the snow removal equipment industry with our innovative and patented designs and improvements. Our Revolution™ Snow Plow series features patented fully controllable, independently moveable wings that take your Snow Plow from a full open plow to a box end plow in a matter of seconds. Learn more about this full line of industry leading plows: Revolution™ HD Series 2 Snow Plow, 29R Series 2 Snow Plow, and 26R Series 2 Snow Plow.

From light use to commercial use, Sno-Way® is sure to have a salt spreader that will suit your snow removal equipment needs. If you are only going to be salting your own driveway – and perhaps a friend’s – then the 4 – Cu. Ft. Tailgate Salt Spreader is enough to get the job done without weighting your down. If you are spreading salt for a few accounts with driveways then the 6 & 9 – Cu. Ft. Tailgate Salt Spreaders will melt the ice without melting your budget. When it comes to parking lots, and true industrial applications then our Revolution™ V-Box spreader (available in 9 sizes) will hold enough salt to get the job finished.

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