Down Pressure® Hydraulics System

30% More Efficient

Eliminates the skim layer that all other plows leave


Sno-Way Down Pressure Chevron LogoSno-Way’s® patented Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics is by far the ultimate snow removal equipment upgrade and only Sno-Way® has it. No other plow manufacturer offers this option. Some may claim that their heavy weight plows produce results like Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics, but take it from us – the leader in D.P. technology – no plow will clean as efficiently or as quickly as a Sno-Way plow. Sno-Way’s Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics allows you to scrape or backdrag more snow in less time resulting in 30% more efficiency.


30% More Efficiency with down pressure hydraulics

Move More Snow
Apply Down Pressure® in heavy, wet snow to keep the blade on the surface and collect more snow in one pass.
Fuel & Salt Costs
Down Pressure® eliminates the skim layer that all other plows leave = reduction in passes = saving fuel and using less salt
More Traction
Down Pressure® increases traction which also increases efficiency because of less tire spinning. This also reduces the risk of accidents.
Less Wear & Tear
Down Pressure® creates less force on front axle reducing the chance of breakage and the need for rebuilding the suspension.
Go Green
Down Pressure® reduces your fuel usage and prevent breakage, resulting in fewer parts in landfills and less salt being dumped on the road.
Down pressure explanation imageDiagram showing the benefits of Down Pressure