Drive-in Mount

Easy-to-use, super fast mounting system

Available as standard equipment on all Sno-Way plows


Sno-Way Drive-In Mount Chevron LogoEarly Sno-Way® plow designs used an easy-on, easy-off plow mount system – the first to remove the complete plow and power pack unit from the vehicle. Today, Sno-Way® has built on its reputation for efficient, innovative technology to provide an easy-to-use, super fast Drive-In Mount System.

Sno-Way’s® hydraulic-assist plow mount attaches itself to the vehicle sub frame. The driver simply positions the vehicle in line with the mount and uses the control (wired or wireless) to positively connect the plow. As a safety feature, Sno-Way’s® standard control can be easily disconnected from the harness in the cab and reconnected at the power pack on the plow. This industry- first design allows the driver to control the movement of the plow without standing between it and the vehicle (a common hazard among the competition).

Aside from its speed and simplicity, Sno-Way’s® Snow Removal Equipment Drive-In Mount System is standard equipment and not an option like some competitor’s plow mount systems. You won’t pay extra to hookup a Sno-Way® on your truck. Available as standard equipment on all Sno-Way® plows.


3 easy Steps…

 1) Simply drive in
Drive in Plow Mount Tapered surfaces provide for ease
 2) Rotate light bar back
Easiest plow mounting system Moving light bar causes mount pins to seat in the right place
 3) Lock mount handles and pull up jack stand
Safest way to mount a plow Spring loaded handles will snap into place