Sno-Way is still the industry leader in innovation after four decades.

April 1, 2020

Sno-Way is still the industry leader in innovation after four decades.

In 1978 we saw a need to be filled and started building snow plows for 4-wheel-drive vehicles. The idea was simple enough, build a better plow and then make it even better the next time! We wanted to be STRONGER, SMARTER, and BETTER…and we knew that the only way to accomplish that goal was through non-stop innovation. We have kept to that idea ever since then.

One of the first innovations we pioneered was the poly-carbonate plow. Plow service owners needed a plow that was lightweight but strong enough for the job. It was easy enough to make something weigh less, but the hard part was to also make it sturdy enough to handle the rigors of plowing parking lots and roads. Additionally, folks wanted a plow that was clear so that they could see what they were pushing and where they were pushing it.

light weight snow plow

What came out of that work was the first see-through light weight snow plow on the market! True to our beginnings, we improved that plow by eliminating the old-fashioned levers and cables and replacing them with hydraulics, electric valves, and coils. Each year we review it and test it, all to make a better product for our customers. Out of those humble beginnings came the current 22 Series snow plow.

Over the next several decades we have added more cutting-edge innovations. By looking at snow plows through the eyes of our customers, we have come to understand the things that matter most to you. We have made the controls easier and wireless. Our design team is continually improving the electrical systems of our products, making them easier to connect and repair. We have made the snow plow kits and mounting systems easier to connect to your vehicle, as well. Our plows are now easier to connect and disconnect for faster storage. We have even improved the durability with a Triple-Coat Protection; zinc phosphate wash, automotive E-Coat primer and military grade powder coat combination.

From Light Weight Snow Plow to Commercial Snow Plow

When you needed a bigger plow, we brought our STRONGER, SMARTER, BETTER motto to the table and developed a full range of plows for non-commercial, light commercial, and commercial use. We expanded out…literally…by offering not just straight plows, but also v-plows and hinged plows, as well! From a 22′ light weight snow plow to a 32′ heavy-duty snow plow, we’ve got you covered!

Our wide variety of plows gives you the versatility to adapt to the different jobs ahead of you. If you need to improve your efficiency at moving snow, our v-plow snow plow can help you with different configurations depending on your needs. If you need to move a lot of snow fast, our Revolution series snow plows can help you do that and a lot more!

Over the past four decades, we haven’t been satisfied with just covering your snow plow needs. We have developed an entire line of products to help you with snow and ice management. From our led light systems designed to be used with our plows to an entire line of salt spreaders to the control systems used for all of our products, we are continuing to bring you innovations to make you more effective and efficient.

We started with bringing you the best light weight snow plow forty years ago. We have continued since then to bring you the best in the industry. Why waste time with anyone else. Our quality, our customer service, and our dedication are second to none.  Check out our full product line and the innovations that go with them. We even have a handy plow selector tool that will help you determine the best plow for your vehicle. Whether it is a truck, skid steer, or UTV, we have a plow to fit it!

This is the perfect time to plan for the next snow season. No matter what else is happening in the world, the snow and ice are going to start flying by the end of fall!

Once you have taken a look at our extensive line of snow plows, check out our dealer locator tool. Their amazing sales staff can help you to get the plow you need for a price you can afford! What are you waiting for?