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Sno-Way Revolution V-Box salt spreader

Broadcast Spreaders Are An Important Snow Management Tool!

Snow plows are only the beginning of your snow management tools. If you want more complete coverage, you need to add one of our world-class broadcast spreaders to your arsenal. We have quite a few models to suit your specific needs! All of these amazing spreaders are protected by an automotive e-coat and military-grade powder coating. This helps to protect them from corrosion and keeps them looking good!

Our Tailgate Spreader SeriesSno-Way's 4 & 6 Cubic Foot Broadcast Salt Spreaders

The Sno-Way® Tailgate Spreader Series features three different models and is unmatched in its class for the simplicity of its design, ease of use, and rugged construction.
Our Snow-Way® 4 is a 4-cubic-foot capacity spreader that is ideal for treating sidewalks, driveways, and small parking lots.  At an empty weight of just 95 pounds, the Sno-Way® 4 is perfect for single operator handling. The integrated wheels and tapered Class III hitch make attaching the spreader a snap. We included a fully-enclosed belt reduction drive and a sealed electric motor to prevent corrosion and water damage. As with all the other tailgate models, the Sno-Way-4 includes our exclusive “Chunk Buster” salt breakup system to prevent clogging. We recommend this model for use with UTVs and light-duty trucks.
If you need expanded capacity, we recommend our Sno-Way® 6 and Sno-Way® 9 tailgate broadcast spreaders. They have all of the features of their smaller counterpart but include a larger capacity.  They also have an expanded flow control system that allows you more control of how the system delivers your material. We recommend the Sno-Way® 6 for use with UTVs and light-duty trucks. The Sno-Way® 9 is recommended for light-duty trucks and larger.

Revolution™ V-Box Broadcast Spreader SeriesRVB Broadcast Salt Spreader with Triple Coat protection call out

If you are looking for ultimate capacity with a more powerful delivery system, look no further than our Revolution™ Series V-Box spreaders. This series ranges from our 10-cubic-foot capacity RVB10 model to our massive 4.3-cubic-yard capacity RVB4300.  The Revolutionv V-Box family has a roto-molded perimeter with a ribbed hopper.  The hopper is mounted to an all stainless steel frame and drive support. The easy on/off stainless steel and roto-molded chute come in a 16” short or 29″ long four-chute polyurethane spinner.  Either of these provides you with long life and a superior spread pattern up to 30’.
We designed The inside of the polyurethane hopper walls for maximum flow of the toughest materials to minimum size material bridging. Our patented, adjustable Inverted-V system allows you to adjust the flow to match the material you want to spread. We fully enclosed the 1/2 horsepower direct-drive gearbox and 1/3 horsepower spinner motor so that water and salt do not penetrate. One electrical harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug-and-play for any accessories, which means no cutting or splicing to connect our products with your vehicle. These bad boys offer a variety of options, including a Wetting System with Filling Station, Vibrator Motor kit, and RVB Spreader lighting kit.

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

ProControl 2 Plus Wireless Broadcast Salt Spreader ControllerThe combination of the RS Controller, Patented Inverted-V and the Auger Drive is what makes this Revolution RVB broadcast spreader work so well. A contractor has the ability to spread any materials demanded by the client with a consistent pattern at the proper speed and with no loss of valuable material. By dialing in the specific flow of material to the auger and then controlling the auger speed independent of the spinner speed the contractor has ultimate control of every necessary component of the hopper spreader.
Don’t want to have an installer drill holes in your vehicle to run the lines to your controller?  Sno-Way has an answer for you!  Our wireless ProControl™ 2 Plus can control either your Sno-Way plow or spreader…or both at the same time!  Our ergonomically designed controller provides the ultimate in-cab flexibility.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Not all jobs are the same, so don’t make the solution all the same! At Sno-Way, we work to meet the reality of your daily job complications with real-world solutions. We have designed each of our broadcast spreaders with the same dedication to innovation as we do for our snow plows.
Sno-Way® innovation has made you able to use your RVB10 or RVB500 as a broadcast spreader or a drop spreader. Use the Sno-Way® exclusive Drop Spreader Hood and attach it to your spreader chute. It gives you a 30”-60” spread. This easy on/off hood allows you to convert your spreader from broadcast spreader to a drop spreader and back again in less than a minute, with no tools. Stores easily on the built-in carrier. Made of high-density polyethylene to hold up to harsh winter elements. This option is only available for the RVB10 and RVB500 coupled with the 16″ short chute.
RVB Broadcast Salt Spreader Capacity diagram
Our other spreaders are designed for different job loads and different truck classes. The RVB10 and RVB500 are built for everything from a UTV on up. The RVB750 is built for a 1/2-ton and larger truck. The RVB1500 was designed for a 3/4-ton and larger truck. Our RVB2000, RVB2500, and RVB3000 are built for 1-ton trucks and larger. Lastly, our RVB3500 fits Class 5 and 6 vehicles, while the RVB4300 can only be hauled by Class 6 or 7 vehicles. All of our Revolution™ V-Box spreaders come with a stainless steel frame with military-grade powder coating, with the exception of the RVB3500 and RVB4300. Those two broadcast spreaders feature a high-rolled steel frame that has both E-coat and powder coat. Each one comes with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that you see in all of our products.

Skid Steer/Tractor Broadcast Spreader SeriesSKD10HS skid steer broadcast salt spreader

We also have a specialized broadcast spreader for skid steers and tractor loaders. The Sno-Way® SKD10HS Series spreader is a hydraulic salt spreader with a universal skid steer and tractor attachment frame. Our attachment frame makes it easy for a drive-in connection with locking lever security points. The spreader has a 10.5-cubic-foot capacity and a spreader width range of 4-30 feet. It comes complete with our exclusive Chuck Buster™ Salt Breakup System and utilizes existing auxiliary hydraulics and quick coupler hose connections. Service and maintenance are simple with easy access to the hydraulic motor and flow control value fittings. How about when you aren’t using this spreader? We designed the durable steel frame to provide rigid hopper support and is self-standing for easy removal and storage.

What Are You Waiting For?

Want more information about these awesome broadcast spreaders and the many options available? Check out the “FIND A DEALER” page on our website and head on into your nearest dealer!  Don’t wait until you need it to start looking.  Check us out today and find out why we are STRONGER, SMARTER, and BETTER!