UTV Trip-edge Plow and Spreader Combo

Sno-Way Trip Edge UTV Snow Plow on a green Polaris UTV

UTVs are great maintenance vehicles because of their compact design allows great maneuverability on sidewalks, walkways, and tight to fit or pedestrian heavy areas.  Unfortunately, there are few options for UTVs when it comes to a quality blade and spreader combination when it comes to fighting winter’s battles.  The problem for manufacturers is there are so many different kinds of ATVs and UTVs that it was hard to design and manufacturer plows and spreaders economically.


Yet we have been there…looking at that long stretch of empty sidewalk, wanting to run the ¾ pickup down the path to get that snow clear.  Of course, the blade is too wide and you never know when you will come up to a pedestrian…even at 3 in the morning.


Somebody Ought To…

“Somebody ought to make a better UTV plow so I can clear these narrow walks quicker” was what we heard time and time again.  So we went to work to not only make a great UTV plow, but one with a trip-edge to give you all the same benefits of a truck plow mounted on the smaller UTV.


It used to be that plowing with a UTV was either really slow (in case you hit something), or you learned the hard way to slow down when you damage your UTV and maybe you even hit the steering wheel while you were at it.  We were the first we know of to engineer a UTV trip edge blade where the blade hops over the obstacles without hurting you or the UTV and you are off and running (check out this video below).



We don’t know of another UTV blade where you can plow as fast safely with as clean a surface as a truck plow.  Even better, you can get a Sno-Way® v-plow on your UTV too!  Other features on the plow include:

Triple-Coat Protection on the Blade and Frame

  • Zinc phosphate wash
  • Automotive E-Coat primer
  • Military grade powder coat

Trip Edge Blade Design

  • The blade edge gives instead of jolting the UTV and driver!

Enclosed Hydraulic System

  • We matched the amp draw with what your UTV can handle
  • The Hydraulics means you can plow a lot faster!

Direct Hydraulic Lifting System

  • Faster lift speed than traditional systems
  • Maximizes stacking height compared to other options

Couple your UTV plow with UTV Spreader!

What good is a plow on a UTV if you have to make a second trip to spread salt with another piece of equipment?

You can get a 4, 6, or 10 cubic foot spreader as a receiver spreader or a larger v-box spreader for the bed of your UTV.  Designed with professionals in mind, you will be able to count on these spreaders to work hard and provide even spread of salt on surfaces you are treating.

Spreader Features include:

  • A controller that integrates with your plow controller for less controls
  • Durable poly and or stainless-steel materials make up the body for a long-lasting spreader
  • Fully enclosed hopper to keep snow and rain out
  • Hopper walls are designed for maximum flow for a clog free experience
  • One harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug and play for accessories. No cutting or splicing.

To get more information about the UTV Plows and Spreaders, be sure to visit our main website!