Sno-Way’s New Drop Spreader Leads In Ice Management

Sno-Way DRP650 - Drop Spreader on a UTV

Sno-Way’s New Drop Spreader Leads In Ice Management

Precision and Efficiency in Ice Management

As winter approaches, snow and ice management professionals are gearing up to battle the cold and keep roads, parking lots, and sidewalks safe for all.  Sno-Way, a trusted name in the industry, has introduced our latest innovation to make this task easier and more efficient – the DRP650 Drop Spreader™.
Sno-Way DRP650 Drop Spreader

The Science of Salt Spreaders

If you are looking for a way to spread material for ice management, Sno-Way is the right place!    We know salt spreaders and our amazing line-up of different spreaders meets every need!  We sell versions of both basic material spreaders: broadcast and drop.  Broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders are both effective types of material spreaders used for evenly distributing salt and other compounds over many different surfaces.  However, each type has its advantages and is suitable for specific applications.
Salt Spread DiagramA broadcast spreader, also known as a rotary spreader, disperses material in a wide fan-like pattern, covering a larger area with each pass.  This makes it more efficient for large, open spaces.  The downside is that it can be less precise, leading to potential overlap and waste if not properly calibrated.
Drop spreaders release material through openings at the bottom in a controlled, straight-line pattern directly beneath the spreader. This method provides more accuracy, making drop spreaders ideal for precise application in smaller, defined areas.  However, they require more passes to cover the same area as a broadcast spreader.  This type of spreader is also best for sloped and irregular surfaces.Sno-Way DRP650 - Drop Spreader on a UTV
Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the user, with broadcast spreaders being more efficient for larger areas and drop spreaders offering greater precision for smaller, targeted spaces.

Precision Spreading Where You Need It

The DRP650 is designed to make quick work of spreading melting materials, and it does so with impressive precision. With a spread width ranging from 30″ to 36″, it allows operators to place materials exactly where they are needed, minimizing waste.  With a 6-cubic-feet capacity, you will have plenty of material to cover what you need.

Whether you’re dealing with sodium chloride, calcium chloride, bagged ice melters, 50/50 salt sand, or sand, the DRP650 can handle it all. For those challenging materials (especially sand or materials that clump more easily), there’s even an optional Vibrator Motor Kit available to ensure consistent agitation for superior flow.

A Drop Spreader Built To Last

One of the standout features of the DRP650 is its robust construction.  This drop spreader is built to withstand the harshest winter conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.  The stainless steel hopper is perfect for most spreading mediums, giving you a smooth and sturdy storage area for your material.  It is topped by a hearty polyurethane cover that will protect your material without adding much weight to the system.
The drop tray is designed with a fitted main top cover and secured retention pins.  This ensures that your materials stay where they belong, even in challenging weather conditions. Our design minimizes spillage and waste, saving you both time and money.

Versatile Mounting Options

The DRP650 is versatile when it comes to mounting options. Sno-Way offers three standard mounting choices for whatever equipment you use.
Drop Spreader Mounting System If you use a three-point hitch, our DRP650 is ready to connect!  We provide all of the needed brackets and clips for the connection.  It is not Quick-Hitch compatible, but our connection is easy.  If you are looking for a simple hitch-mount spreader, the DRP650 is ready for that, as well.  This option is ideal for larger vehicles, tractors, etc.
Diagram of Drop SpreaderWith the use of a couple of bolts, our hitch assembly can be connected to your DRP650 drop spreader.  Our hitch tube and assembly give you plenty of stability for your spreader!  It is a convenient option for a variety of equipment.
Drop Spreader Mounting DiagramIf you are looking for a drop spreader that can be used with a truck bed mount, our DRP650 drop spreader can deliver there, too.  With the purchase of a few items, you will be able to provide additional stability for your drop spreader.  You can purchase our optional Quick Attach Bracket to help make this process easier.  This option is perfect for those who would like to keep this drop spreader attached to their truck.
This versatility allows you to adapt the DRP650 to your specific needs, making it a valuable addition to your snow management arsenal.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Sno-Way RS Salt Spreader Controller
RS Controller

Efficiency is crucial when dealing with snow and ice management, and Sno-Way understands that. That’s why they’ve equipped the DRP650 with a Variable Wired Speed Control. This feature ensures you have precise control over the spreading rate, allowing you to optimize material usage and complete the job on time and within budget. The hand-held controller is designed for ease of use, whether you’re right or left-handed. With intuitive action buttons, you can stay in control without taking your eyes off the task at hand.

Speaking of control and efficiency, we have kept that in mind even in places that you can’t see or hold.  In addition to a state-of-the-art auger system, this product comes standard with our trademarked Chunk Buster Salt Breakup System™.  This system ensures that the right amount of material is available throughout your entire job.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sno-Way’s DRP650 Drop Spreader is a game-changer in snow and ice management. Its precision, durability, and versatility make it a valuable tool for professionals in the field. With the Variable Wired Speed Control, you have the power to maximize efficiency and get the job done right. When winter weather strikes, trust Sno-Way to keep you ahead of the snow and ice, with the DRP650 leading the way.

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