Sno-Way® Innovations Solve Common Snow Plow Problems

29RVHD Snow Plow On a Red Truck

Our No-Gap Hinge mechanism is one more way Sno-Way® snow plows are the best in the business!

Here at Sno-Way®, we make it our business to make sure you are the best at yours. We do that by providing best-in-class products and the best innovations in the industry. First things first, we provide one of the widest arrays of snow plows on the market.


Composite image Showing 29VHD V-Plow with Stainless Steel Skin Insert

  • Sno-Way® Series 2 straight blade plows are light but incredibly strong, thanks to our proprietary steel formula.
  • The V-Plow Series 2 line gives you the versatility that will allow you to be more competitive in your region.
  • Our Revolution™ Series 2 snow plow product line gives you the flexibility and strength to be the most efficient contractor in town!

Sno-Way® snow plows will help you to be the most competitive possible by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your costs. Our approach to our hinged snow plow designs is just one more way that we are able to do that for you.

Common Snow Plow Issue Solved!

Many hinged snow plows on the market either leave a snow trail down the middle of your path or they provide a disposable boot or edge to reduce the amount of snow left behind. We don’t accept that as just an unavoidable reality of snow removal jobs. So we put our engineers on it to find a way to remove the snow trail without increasing the maintenance costs for our customers. What they came up with was a design that provides cleaner plowing, enhanced durability, and a reduction in uneven wear of the cutting edges.

Engineered for Better Performance

Diagram Showing Sno-Way's No Gap Hinge on a V-Plow
No-Gap Hinge

Our patented “No-Gap Hinge” mechanism consists of a center pivot cylinder design coupled with a custom edge that eliminates any gap. The center cylinder design reduces wear at the critical center point as all edges meet the ground. We paired this with our MaxADJUST™ Leveling System which allows you to adjust the moldboard tilt forward or backward to optimize your cleaning performance. This increases the life of your cutting edge and decreases your blade tripping.

The custom-designed cutting edges allow for proper snow flow along the snow plow blade edge and reduce wear. The “banana” wear pattern familiar to snow plow contractors as a common issue for all hinged or V-plow snow plows is eliminated with our design. Additionally, our engineers were able to construct our hinged plows in such a way that doesn’t require a sacrificial boot or edge that needs to be replaced or adjusted often.

Our Snow Plow Innovations Keep Coming

MaxADJUST Leveling System for Sno-Way V-Plows

Our MaxADJUST™ Leveling System allows you the convenience of adjusting the level of your V-plow blade on the fly. MaxADJUST™ uses a simple hex bolt to adjust the V-Wing moldboard, tilting it forward or backward to achieve the optimal edge placement. This gives you a superior cleaning performance and reduces premature blade tripping. A better fit with your plowing surface means less wear on the cutting edge, giving you a longer life on the edge and cutting your replacement cost.

Add to this our patented Ground Hugger™ technology that uses the blade geometry to create the optimal roll and even distribution of snow, increasing clean scrape performance.  Our aggressive 65-degree cutting edge works to your advantage, transferring pressure from the snow load to the blade to force it downward.  Work smarter, not harder.

Sno-Way® Skid Steer and UTV V Plow Series

Our innovations don’t stop at how we engineer our snow plow products.  We consider the needs of our current and future customers as we design new plow options.
Sno-Way Flared 29VHDSKD Series Snow Plow on a yellow Skid SteerTo answer our commercial customers that were looking for a solution to pair with their skid steer equipment, we provided the unsurpassed efficiency of the 29VHDSKD snow plow.  This workhorse gives you a 102-inch straight blade width and a 95-inch Vee blade width.  It works as hard as our full-size truck series plows, but gives you the versatility of attaching it to a skid steer for smaller jobs around a commercial facility.  With plenty of blade configurations, it can get into tight spots and work areas that are inaccessible to trucks.
v-plow utv snow plowOur unique design is not limited to our full-size snow plows.  Our UTV V-Plow snow plow uses the same engineering as the larger V-plows to accomplish the same goal: a clean scrape the first time!  The UTV snow plows are beasts in their own right: boasting 12-gauge high strength low alloy steel blades that cover 72 inches across as a straight blade and 67 inches in Vee formation.  Lightweight and adaptable, this snow plow is a must for any serious contractor fleet or for a small crew with wide walkways to clear.

What This Means for You

What this means for you is a more efficient plow experience.  Fewer scraping passes mean lower fuel costs and less wear on your snow plow and vehicle.  That means that both your pricing and your performance can be better than your competitors!  Fewer passes will also mean less time before you are able to move on to the next job.  The more jobs, the more money in your pocket!  The wear reduction on your snow plow will reduce your maintenance costs, as well.  Not to mention the natural wear on your vehicle will now be spread out across more customers, improving your ROI.

But Wait, There’s More To Go With Your Snow Plow!

There are so many benefits of the Sno-Way® snowplows!  Here are a few more that we didn’t want you to miss:
  • Upgrade to our 1/2-inch steel cutting edge, giving you increased cutting edge durability and longer wear life than the standard 3/8″ steel edge.
  • The ESS® Wiring system eliminates the costly relays that break down on other plows.  It makes it faster and easier to mount your Sno-Way® snow plow, too!
  • The ESS® Smart Sight® lighting system doubles the light you have while snow plowing.  But why stop there?  Include our exclusive Smart Flash® with your plow to improve safety for you and your workers.
  • Our optional Wireless ProControl II Plus handheld controller lets you pre-program your plow for faster plowing.  This amazing control can be mounted virtually anywhere in the cab and is simple to operate with either hand.
Sno-Way Revolution V-Box salt SpreaderWhy not pair our V-plow product lines with one of our superior ice management systems?  Once you’ve decided on the plow that is going to meet your needs, don’t forget the ice management accessories. We have salt spreader options to fit any need!  We have tailgate options perfect for UTVs and small trucks.  Our VHDSKD salt spreaders designed specifically for skid steers.  And we have a wide range of Revolution™ box spreaders for every truck class.  No matter the situation, we have exactly what you need for your business.

What Are You Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for?  Call one of our Sno-Way® distributors near you and get more information on our great Sno-Way® innovations, such as our patented “no-Gap Hinges”.  They will help you find the perfect snow plow for your snow removal business or personal needs.  You can’t find a better plow for the money!