v-wing snow plow

Sno-Way Innovations Solve Common Snow Plow Problems

September 6, 2020

Our No-Gap Hinge mechanism is one more way Sno-Way snow plows are the best in the business!

Here at Sno-Way, we make it our business to make sure you are the best at yours.  We do that by providing best-in-class products and the best innovations in the industry.  Our snow plows will help you to be the most competitive possible by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your costs.  Our approach to our hinged snow plow designs is just one more way that we are able to do that for you.

Common Snow Plow Issue Solved!

Many hinged snow plows on the market either leave a snow trail down the middle of your path or they provide a disposable boot or edge to reduce the amount of snow left behind.  We don’t accept that as just a reality that you have to put up with on a snow removal job.  So we put our engineers on it to find a way to remove the snow trail without increasing the maintenance costs for our customers.  What they came up with was a design that provides cleaner plowing, enhanced durability, and a reduction in uneven wear of the cutting edges.
Our patented “No-Gap Hinge” mechanism consists of a center pivot cylinder design coupled with a custom edge that eliminates any gap.  The center cylinder design reduces wear at the critical center point as all edges meet the ground.  The custom-designed cutting edges allow for proper snow flow along the snow plow blade edge and reduces wear.  The “banana” wear pattern familiar to snow plow contractors as a common issue for all hinged or v-wing snow plows is eliminated with our design.  Additionally, our engineers were able to construct our hinged plows in such a way that doesn’t require a sacrificial boot or edge that needs to be replaced or tweaked often.

What This Means for You

What this means for you is a more efficient plow experience.  Fewer scraping passes mean lower fuel costs and less wear on your snow plow and vehicle.  That means that both your pricing and your performance can be better than you competitors!  Fewer passes will also mean less time before you are able to move on to the next job.  The more jobs, the more money in your pocket!  The reduction on wear on your snow plow will reduce your maintenance costs, as well.  Not to mention the natural wear on your vehicle will now be spread out across more customers, improving your ROI.
This patented No-Gap Hinge innovation is found on all of our hinged snow plows.  This includes our V-wing V-Plow (Flared 29VHD Series 2 and Flared 26V Series 2), our skid steer Flared 29VHDSKD series V-Plow, and our UTV Flared V-Plow Series snow plows.  It also includes our Revolution Series 2 snow plows (29R Series 2, 26R Series 2, and REVHDSKD Series).

What Are You Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for?  Call one of our Sno-Way distributors near you and get more information on our great Sno-Way innovations, such as our patented “no-Gap Hinges”.  They will help you find the perfect snow plow for your snow removal business or personal needs.  You can’t find a better plow for the money!