Hydraulic Skid Steer Spreader with Quick Attachment Plate

Sno-Way SKD10HS Skid Steer Salt spreader

Skid Steers are great for moving a lot of snow fast, but it sure is a pain to come through with a truck later to spread salt. Many years ago, we introduced a hydraulic spreader into the market to eliminate the need for spreading with a truck allowing your skid steer can do it all!

salt spreader for skid steer

Features Common to All Sno-Way® 10 cu. ft. and Smaller Spreaders

  • High Flow Hoppers with Chunk Busters: Your salt or other spreading product isn’t likely to get stuck. We have engineered the slope of the spreader to ensure it will always feed down and the chunk busters break up any chunks when they reach the hole that feeds to the spinner.
  • Poly Hopper: Your hopper will never rust because the durable poly hoppers won’t corrode!
  • Hard Top Lid: The form fitted, durable lids will last the life of your spreader. The lid keeps water, snow, and other undesirables out of your salt.
  • Superior Coatings: The frame has an e-coat primer and military grade powder coat finish. That means the finish on your frame will last a very long time.
  • Great Flow and Spread Pattern: We engineer all our spreaders to have some of the most even spread patterns in the industry. You can regulate the flow to be as fast or slow as you want, giving you precision spreading your materials.

Sno-Way SKD10HS on a Yellow Skid Steer

Features of the Sno-Way® Hydraulic Skid Steer Spreader

  • Hydraulic Power for Convenience: Use the hydraulics on your skid steer to power your spreader.salt spreader for skid steer
  • Large 10 cu. ft. hopper: Take less trips to refill your spreader with a full 10 cu. ft. of available space to hold salt.
  • Quick Attachment Plates: Get a universal quick attachment plate for your spreader to allow for easy on and easy off of this spreader. You can literally take off your Sno-Way® skid steer plow and hook-up your spreader in about 5 minutes on a cold day with gloves on!

We have kept the basic design of this spreader the same for many years now because our customers rave about how well it works.  Since the spreader performs so well consistently year over year, why mess with a good thing?

Put your skid steer to good work this winter by adding our easy to use, quality, American Made hydraulic skid steer spreader.  Learn more about our 10 cu. ft. hydraulic skid steer spreader here!