Skid Steer Revolution™ Plow

Sno-Way REVHDSKD Snow Plow on a white Skid Steer

Skid Steer Revolution™ Plow – More than Your Average Skid Steer Snow Plow

You rely on the skid steer for everything else, why not unleash their potential with a snow plow built especially for it?

For the manufacturing industry, the skid steer and compact track loaders (CLT) are the workhorses of the entire facility. Whether it is to move material, parts, or finished product, we wouldn’t get far without them. For contractors in construction and landscaping, these little guys are essential for taking care of heavy loads. Skid steers and CLTs are an everyday go-to in the commercial snow removal business.

Illustration Showing Snow Moving Capacity of the 29R Snow Plow

Special Considerations for a Unique Vehicle

But skid steers and CTLs have particular strengths and weaknesses, which make the decision of what to buy for them all the more important. These guys are powerhouses, but they are not efficient if used on a large parking lot. They are far more useful when clearing smaller areas or complicated areas with tight turns and pedestrian areas.

For this type of vehicle, you need something that is going to contain the snow as you push it out of the way. You are also going to want something that has a lot of configuration options. We sat down at the drafting board with just such things in mind as we designed a series of box plows for skid steers and CTLs.

These powerhouses have proven themselves over and over. Now you have one more reason to rely on them!

A Plow Specially Designed for Your Skid Steer

Sno-Way 29RVHDSKD Snow Plow on A White Skid SteerWe combined the advantages of a box plow with the advantages of a straight blade, all for your skid steer! Read on and find out why you never want to go back to an ordinary box plow for your skid steer again.

Our Revolution™ skid steer snow plow is made of proprietary steel with varying blade heights and lengths for different needs. Our Revolution™ product line includes the 26RSKD (26″ height with a 8′ width), the 29RSKD (29″ high with a 8′ width), and the REVHDSKD (29″ high with a 10′ width). It is designed with hydraulically-operated wings, allowing the plow to move from a box plow, to a straight blade, to a straight blade with extensions all from the comfort of your skid steer cab. From the very beginning, the concept was to move a lot of snow while allowing the operator to easily change from one plow configuration to another.

Have You Ever Windrowed with a Skid Steer Snow Plow?

While windrowing using the straight blade configuration, you can watch the snow roll as it follows the curved blade cupping the snow forward like you would normally see in a conventional straight blade. You can then switch to the box plow configuration to move over 6 cu. ft. of snow. You can configure the wings for any angle allowing you to handle any snow removal job in the best way. This is all done from our control pad (wired standard or the optional wireless controller).

Watch the Revolution™ Skid Steer Plow Clean in One Pass

We know that a clean scrape the first time around is important to snow removal contractors. You want your time to matter! This skid steer box plow also has a floating A-frame and Ground Hugger™ design so that the plow stays on the ground and follows the contour of the plowing surface giving you a clean surface on the first pass.

To make this plow even better we have designed it with our patented no-gap design. Additionally, all Revolution™ Series plows have independent control of each of the wings, allowing you to create configurations that are specific to your needs and skills. You will find the hydraulic action of the entire plow to be fast and responsive!

A Snow Plow Made to Last

Starting with proprietary steel that gives you high strength without the increased weight you have with other plows, our plows are designed to give you lasting value. Our steel is designed to hold up under the harsh conditions that snow plow blades are subjected to through every season. You are investing in a tool that you rely on for your living and we intend to make that investment last!

To protect your investment, we have a three-step process for coating the blade. It starts with a zinc phosphate wash to protect against corrosion. Then we add an E-coat primer that penetrates into the metal and electrically bonds with it. This is the same process used by the automotive industry to protect rust from ever starting on the chassis of your vehicle! Finally, we coat it in a military-grade powder coat for a tough and good-looking exterior.

Sno-Way 29RVHDSKD Skid Steer Snow PlowSafety For You and Your Equipment

One of the best features of this plow is the full load trip, allowing the plow some give. So, when you are running at full steam while clearing a parking lot from snow and you hit a large object you did not expect, the plow gives a little and bounces back instead of damaging the plow, skid steer, or the skid steer operator. In addition to the trip system, the plow also has angle cylinder crossover relief valves to protect your hydraulics if you strike an object.

As you would expect with our skid steer plows, they work with a universal attachment plate and are plug-and-play. You use the current hydraulic connections already on your skid steer to operate the plow.

Snow Plows Aren’t The Only Thing We Built For Skid Steers

Sno-Way SKD10HS Skid Steer Salt SpreaderA good salt spreader is an important tool for the serious snow management contractor! As most contractors know, not all salt spreaders are equal. Some are just better than others, and some are better suited to different vehicles. The special strengths and limitations of the skid steer and CLTs are what we had in mind when we designed the SKD10HS salt spreader.

The SKD10HS series salt spreader is able to hold up to 10.25 cubic feet of material in its durable polyethylene hopper. The hopper is designed to a sidewall geometry that gives you maximum salt flow for your spinner. The powder-coated steel frame is self-standing for fast removal and easy storage. It also provides an easy drive-in connection and locking lever security points. The adjustable flow gate can be quickly and easily adjusted from a “positive-close to a full-open configuration. The motor and spinner speed are controlled by a simple lever on the hydraulic control valve. The easy-access hydraulic motor and flow control valve fitting provides quick service and maintenance. Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel deflectors are adjustable to direct salt from 4 to 30 feet.

The SKD10HS isn’t great for just skid steers and CLTs. This convenient tool works for tractors, too!

What Are You Waiting For?

Make sure your skid steer is ready for winter with the best, most versatile skid steer plow on the market, the Sno-Way® Skid Steer Revolution™ plow! Talk to any one of our knowledgeable dealers about which of our skid steer Revolution™ snow plows will work best for your needs. While you’re at it, ask them about the awesome SKD10HS salt spreader, too! Move it with Sno-Way®!