Sno-Way® Revolution™ Plow vs. V-Plows and Extendable Plows

Sno-Way Revolution HD Snow Plow on a White Ford F-350

The Sno-Way® Revolution™ Plow was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate plow for all of your needs.  The plow is all about doing “more” and so it has many advantages over the typical v-plow and extendable plows.  We took the idea from the movable wings on v-plows and married those wings to a straight blade giving you the best of all worlds.

The secret is in our patented, hydraulically activated, 13 ½” wide wings.   Your options for moving a lot of snow become almost endless all from the comfort of the cab of your truck.  If you get a straight blade with extensions, you normally get only a 20 degree angle and those extensions get in the way of windrowing.  The Sno-Way® Revolution™ Plow has the technology to change that angle anywhere from 0-90° providing you with almost endless ways to move snow (the wings actually fold in further than 90° for transport, but we know you wouldn’t plow that way). Diagram showing snow moving capacity for plow configurations

Move More Snow

A typical 9’ straight blade can push about 1.0 cu. yd. of snow.

A typical V-Plow can push up to 4.3 cu. yd. of snow when using an inverted V configuration.

The Sno-Way® Revolution™ Plow can push up to 6.1 cu. yd. of snow!

That is over 40 cu. yd. more snow than a 9′ straight blade!  It is not rocket science.  A box plow can always move more snow.  We like to think you are getting the best of all worlds with the ability of the Revolution™ plow to change from a straight blade to a box plow and then back to a straight blade on the fly, simply by pushing a button.

Clear a Wider Path

Normally you max out at a 9’ Blade on most trucks whether you are using a straight blade or a v-plow. Let’s face it, it is hard to transport a 10’ plow down the road and your normal 120” plow is too heavy for lighter trucks.  We designed the Revolution™ plow with high strength steel to be more durable than the competition, yet light enough to mount on a ¾ ton truck, and with our Down Pressure™ technology, you will get a better clean on a single pass than the average blade.

The best part is, with the Revolution™ plow, pushing a button will shrink the 10’ wide straight blade down to a transport position making the Revolution™ as easy to transport the highways as a 9’ wide straight blade.

Composite Image showing 29R Snow Plow, ProControl 2 Plus, tech drawings of Hinged Plow configurations


The Sno-Way® Revolution™ plow marries the versatility of a v-plow with the benefits of a wide straight blade with extensions.  You can get the excellent curb cleaning capabilities the extensions on a straight blade offer you and then seconds later reap the benefits of the Revolution™ plow’s huge snow pushing capacity.

The Sno-Way® programmable controllers are one of the secrets to the effectiveness of the Revolution™ plow.  You can program in certain configurations for your plow (like cleaning a curb on the left side, curb cleaning on the right side, box plow mode, etc.) so with a touch of a button you can move your plow into any of your favorite configurations.

The Ultimate Snow Plow

When you add together the Sno-Way® Revolution™ plow with our Down Pressure™ system applying 250 psi of force on the blade edge against the ground, the ProControl™ advanced controllers, EIS™ and 4-Sight™ advanced lighting systems, and Drive-In truck mounting system, you have a plow like no other allowing you to get more done than any other plow on the market for every minute you are on the clock.  Move more snow today with the Revolution™ plow!


Sno-Way 4-Sight Snow Plow Lighting System

29 SERIES WITH 4-SIGHTTM (mouse over image to see 4 Sight activation)