Flared 29VHD Series Snow Plow

"I like the Downpressure, it makes back dragging a dream."

— Jesse W

Sno-Way Flared 29VHD Snow Plow Series on a white Ford F-350

A V Plow Like No Other

This 29VHD Series V Plow has our patented Ground Hugger™ blade design coupled with our MaxADJUST™ Leveling System to keep the plow on the ground with perfect alignment that eliminates snow trails. All that with the Down Pressure® Hydraulic System can’t be beat for better, faster cleaning!

Reduce Return Shock to Truck & Driver

See how the 29VHD has a streamlined design and features to hit the snow hard. While V-Plows are known for obstacle tripping difficulty, this plow handles hits with ease using a patented Shock Killer™ Trip Return System which reduces blade return shock to the truck and driver.

The 29VHD is the top of the line in Vee Plow technology. The unique Ground Hugger™ blade design keeps the plow on the ground to clean more snow which is rather difficult for a v-plow.

To enhance cleaning, Sno-Way® invented the patented MaxADJUST™ Leveling System – which is a single adjusting arm blade leveling system. This simply allows the operator to adjust the center hinge for perfect plowing alignment and eliminate a snow trail.

Double acting wing cylinders are specifically designed to provide maximum force in the forward or back hydraulic position. These optimized cylinders keep the plow wings from being forced open in heavy snow and allow for superior vee-plow back dragging in tight quarters.

With the Down Pressure® Hydraulic System as standard equipment, this plow will clean better and cut 30% of your plowing time. The Down Pressure Hydraulics add over 250 pounds of down force on the cutting edge which is a first in the industry and scrapes clean forward and maximizes back dragging.

While V-Plows are infamous for having obstacle tripping difficulty, the Sno-Way® 29VHD V-Plow handles obstructions with ease utilizing a patented Shock Killer™ Trip Return System which reduces blade return shock to the truck and the driver.

Sno-Way® pays attention to even the smallest details to be sure operators can maximize performance and efficiency. The tube steel tab-slot and lock construction ensures component fit and proper welding while the pre-drilled top rail allows the contractor to easily add the E-Z Fit Deflector in under a minute.

The EIS® – Energy Interruption System is a standard plug and play electrical system on this snow plow providing down-time reduction and limiting corrosion.

Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance is achieved through a Triple-Coat Protection System; zinc phosphate wash, automotive E-Coat primer and military grade powder coat combination. The Triple-Coat Protection System delivers a surface that is resistant to penetration by salt, sand, stones or any other aggregate material.

Move it™!


3/4 Ton: F-250, Ram 2500, 2500 Sierra, 2500 Silverado
1 Ton: F-350, Ram 3500, 3500 Sierra, 3500 Silverado
Class 4: F-450, Ram 4500, 4500 Sierra, 4500 Silverado
Class 5: F-550, Ram 5500
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Downpressure® Hydraulic System

Increases snow removal efficiency by 30% - and only Sno-Way® has it!


29VHD Plow Configurations

Sno-Way® knew you would want to double the capacity of your V-Plow so they designed this right into the blade structure and provide accessories so you can Move it.

• Independent wings rotate to a custom spec (trade secret)
• Hydraulic design keeps wings from folding back
• Use standard Down Pressure to scrape cleaner

Model 29VHD-8'-6"
Blade Width 95"(vee) 102"(straight)
Blade Height Center 29", Outer 36-1/2"
Weight 855 lbs.
Cutting Edge 1/2" x 6" Proprietary Steel
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 6 / 0
Trip Springs 2
Shock Killer™ Standard
Plow Lights EIS® Dual Halogen
Down Pressure® Hydraulic System Standard
Wireless Control Optional
Mount System Drive In
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.