Our MaxADJUST™ System saves you money on your Sno-Way® snow plow

Sno-Way 29RVHD V-Plow Snow Plow

Our patented MaxADJUST™ system allows for easy adjustment and leveling of your Sno-Way® V-Wing™ snow plow!

Sno-Way® understands the needs of contractors such as yourself and we have worked hard to provide different tools to make you more flexible and competitive.  Our snow plow MaxADJUST™ system is just one more way that we give you the edge!

Meeting Common Snow Plow Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for snow removal contractors is with the fit and flexibility of a snow plow to a variety of models of trucks in your fleet.  Many contractors have different makes and models of trucks in their contractor fleet.  Sometimes you subcontract and have different trucks from different contractors that need to connect to your plow inventory.  Here at Sno-Way®, we understand that what you need out of your snow plow is a better way to connect those plows to the trucks you have on the road and you need that connection to be as efficient as possible.  In addition, the plow needs to be able to flex to the varying heights and configurations of those trucks without slowing your guys down.  That is where the MaxADJUST™ system comes in to make your life much easier!
Sno-Way's MaxADJUST V-Plow Leveling Mechanism

Our Design Makes Your Life Easier

We designed the MaxADJUST™ Leveling System to give you the most flexibility when using our versatile V-Wing™ snow plow.  With this tool you can quickly and easily adjust the tilt of the V-Wing™ snow plow so that it is optimized for the truck to which it has been attached.  Simply use a ratchet tool on the hex bolt in order to tilt the V-Wing™ moldboard forward or back for the best fit.
This simple but essential adjustment will provide you with the best advantages of a well-fitted snow plow.  A properly configured MaxADJUST™ tool can give you superior cleaning performance and back-dragging capability.  This will lower your overhead by reducing the number of times you have to pass over a parking lot or road.  The increased back-dragging capabilities allow you to be more efficient with your clearing.  Even ground contact prevents premature blade tripping as you are clearing the area, reducing wear on your suspension as well as preventing you from leaving excess snow behind.  The ability to properly configure the plow to your truck also reduces the wear on your cutting edge and allows that wear to be more even across the blade.  This makes your passes more efficient and reduces your maintenance costs by extending the life of your blade.
This trademarked MaxADJUST™ innovation is found on all of our V-Wing™ snow plows.  This includes our V-Wing™ V-Plow (Flared 29VHD Series 2 and Flared 26V Series 2), our skid steer Flared 29VHDSKD series V-Plow, and our UTV Flared V-Plow Series snow plows.

Innovations To Make You More Competitive

This is just one of the ways that Sno-Way® is the superior choice for your snow plow. When this feature is paired with our patented Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics system you have the most powerful plow on the market!  Our Down Pressure® system gives you 250 lbs of down force, making your snow plow 30% more efficient than plows without it.  It keeps your plow blade scraping down when going forward and grounded when backdragging.
We have dedicated ourselves to making our customers the most competitive people in the industry.  We do that by providing the best products on the market and continually innovating those products.  If you would like to know more about our products and find out which snow plow is best for your business, visit one of our dealers near you.  We promise that you will not be disappointed!
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