Our commercial plow is the right fit for your contractor business!

June 29, 2020

Our commercial v-plow is the right fit for your contractor business!

If you are looking for the perfect plow for commercial plowing, the Flared 29VHD-Series v-plow snow plow is the one for you! Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles and complete with a ton of accessories to make your work a breeze, this plow is built for the serious contractor.

One of Our Most Versatile Commercial Plows

Our v-plow snow plows are designed to be multi-purpose and versatile to allow a contractor to adapt to the different needs of each client. The independent wings are able to rotate to a custom configuration, allowing you to create a v-plow, reverse v-plow, or straighten the blade and tilt it to either side. Our hydraulic system and double-acting wing cylinders keep the wings from being forced open or folding back. These optimized cylinders keep the plow wings from being forced open in heavy snow and allow for superior v-plow back dragging in tight quarters.

Did we mention that your Sno-Way v-plow comes with triple-coat protection? That’s right! We start out with a wash of zinc phosphate as an initial layer of corrosion protection. We follow that with a bath of automotive E-coat primer. This primer is electrically charged so that it actually bonds with the metal. We wrap it up with a military-grade powder coat finish for a tough exterior. All this to provide your blade with the best protection on the market!

We pride ourselves on paying attention to the smallest detail to maximize your performance and efficiency. Our steel tube tab-slot and lock construction ensure component fit and proper welding. The pre-drilled top rail allows the contractor to easily add the E-Z Fit Deflector in under a minute. In addition to this superb craftsmanship and design, we added our trademarked EIS ™ electrical system, which replaces the outdated and unreliable relay and module system.

We paired this plow with our patented Down Pressure ® Hydraulic system (as standard equipment) to give this commercial plow a cleaner scrape and reduce your plowing time by 30%. This system adds over 250-lbs of downforce on the cutting edge, giving you the advantage, whether you are forward or backward scraping.

V-plows are infamous for obstacle tripping issues. To alleviate these issues, we developed our patented Shock Killer™ Trip Return System. This system (which is also standard) reduces blade return shock to the truck and driver. This improves the plowing experience for your driver and reduces the wear and tear on your vehicles.

But Wait, There’s More!

Don’t forget the accessories! Our commercial plows come with a long list of accessories that you won’t want to miss out on. From special lighting to wireless controls to a wide range of salt spreaders for your vehicle.

One of the most obvious struggles for commercial snow plow contractors is the lighting of the workspace. Much of the contractor’s work begins before daybreak, racing against time to get roads and parking lots cleared before people get out and businesses open. Our patented 4-Sight™ Plow Lighting System connects your vehicle lights and your plow lights together in order to better illuminate what you are working to clear. Quick to install and easy to connect, you will never regret having it!

We realized that there was a big issue with running wires in the cab of your vehicle for the plow controller. Cumbersome wires can tangle and restrict the reach and placement of the controller and become an issue, especially for left-handed users. That’s why we developed our patented Pro Control™ II wireless controller. It has an ergonomic handset design that allows for easy and comfortable operation, with customization controls and back-lit buttons. Additionally, you can control both the plow mechanism and the salt spreader from the same controller. Speaking of salt spreaders…

Sno-Way offers nine different salt spreaders for contractors in varying capacities. From our 4-cubic-ft Tailgate Receiver Spreader to our massive Revolution V-Box RVB2500, we have it covered (pun intended)! Our tailgate spreaders offer 4-, 6-, and 9-cubic-ft of capacity with an enclosed drive system and a patented Chunk Buster™ Salt Breakup System. Our Revolution series spreaders come in six different sizes ranging in capacity from 10-cubic-ft to 2-1/2-yards. This series is equipped with a 1/2-HP direct-drive gearbox and a 1/3-HP spinner motor, which are fully enclosed to prevent corrosion. We also offer an optional wetting system with fill station.

What Are You Waiting For?

With all these standard features and optional accessories, it is easy to see why the Sno-Way Flared 29VHD-Series v-plow snow plow is the go-to for the serious commercial plow contractor! Check out all of these items on our website, and then go to our Find-A-Dealer page to get in touch with a certified Sno-Way dealer near you!