Kubota UTV Snow Plows For Farm or Business

Sno-Way UTV V-Plow on an Orange Kubota UTV

Did you know that Sno-Way® builds Kubota UTV snow plows and snow removal accessories?

Designing equipment for the UTV market comes with unique challenges. The plows have to be lightweight enough to not tip the vehicle forward and yet tough enough to handle a small parking lot. Providing a method to easily mount the plow while not compromising the special suspension or capabilities of the UTV was of additional concern. While maintaining our focus on the plows, we needed to ensure that our specially-made UTV spreaders were sturdy and well-balanced as well.

But as a leader in our industry, it should come as no surprise that we rose to the challenge!

Kubota UTV Snow Plows

Kubota is one of the most popular brands of UTVs in the country, with amazing models such as the RTV-XG850 Sidekick. We have two types of plows specially made for vehicles like these.

The UTV Trip Edge Straight Plow Series features a fully hydraulic 6-foot straight plow that has been fully tested and proven to meet the unique challenges of the UTV. The lightweight design is still plenty tough to take on your clearing jobs. The trip edge functionality means that you will get a cleaner scrape and almost no false trips! This is a classic choice that will give you the ability to clear your area without interfering with your stability, mobility, or visibility.

The UTV Flared V-Plow helps make easy work out of the toughest jobs! Lightweight and well-balanced for your Kubota UTV, the UTV V-Plow series can be wireless-controlled to quickly change the configuration to suit your needs. This tough plow will exceed your expectations with a fast-force hydraulic system that responds quickly to your needs and a triple-edge design that will make it easier on your UTV when obstacles are encountered.  As with the straight-edged plow, this more versatile model will give you the strength you need without interfering with the proper functioning of your vehicle.

The mounting system for the UTV plow series has been specially engineered to ensure that you have a mount for your plow that won’t compromise the special capabilities of the UTV. When the plow blade is removed, only the mounting bracket itself remains. We have engineered it so that you maintain excellent ground clearance and the suspension is not affected. We integrated the swing frame on the blade itself and reinforced the blade structure to provide a long blade life.

Both model series connect to our patented ProControl™ system that allows you to make adjustments to your blade configuration on the fly!

We continued our commitment to above and beyond by providing an automotive e-coat primer to protect against corrosion and a military-grade powder coat finish!  Either of these amazing products would be perfect as your Kubota UTV snow plow!

Sno-Way UTV Snow Plow on an Orange Kubota UTV - kubota snow plow

UTV Snow Management Accessories

In addition to two amazing Kubota UTV snow plow options, we have specially-designed spreader options for your UTV.

We have two different types of spreader series: our UTV “Tailgate” Spreader Series and our UTV Revolution™ V-Box Spreader Series.

The UTV Tailgate Series is unmatched in its class for the simplicity of its design, ease of use, or rugged construction.  The 4-Cubit-Foot model for small to medium deicing applications.  At an empty weight of just 95 pounds, the Sno-Way® 4 is perfect for single operator handling. The integrated wheels and tapered Class III hitch make attaching the spreader a snap. We included a fully -enclosed belt reduction drive and sealed electric motor to prevent corrosion and water damage. Our tailgate spreaders also include our exclusive “Chunk Buster” salt breakup system to prevent clogging.

If you would prefer a larger capacity, our 6-Cubit-Foot model provides the same simplicity, but with added features to assist you with material spreading. This larger capacity spreader includes an expanded flow control system that allows you more control of how the system delivers your material. It also features an elevated belt reduction system that is raised above the material in the hopper and protected by a heavy-duty cover.

The UTV Revolution™ V-Box Series also has two different sizes. Our RVB10 spreader has a 10-cubic-foot capacity and features our V-Box ribbed hopper with our patented inverted-v flow control system.  The easy on/off stainless steel and roto-molded chute has a 16″ four flute poly spinner to provide you long life and superior spread pattern up to 30′.  The 1/2 horsepower direct-drive gearbox and 1/3 horsepower spinner motor are fully enclosed so that water and salt do not penetrate.

Our RVB500 spreader is also rated for use on any UTV vehicle. It includes all of the features of the RVB10, but with a much larger 1/2-yard capacity. As with the smaller model, this spreader has been designed with the unique configuration of the UTV in mind. Any of the expanded hoppers will easily fit in the cargo bed of your UTV.

Both model series types also feature the same e-coat and military-grade powder coat finish. They also can use our RS Controller system, which includes an auto-mode setting to help control our optional vibration system to ensure the even distribution of snow management materials through the auger.

What Are You Waiting For?

We have everything you need for snow-management this season! From your Kubota UTV snow plow to spreaders to wireless control systems for both tools…we have you covered! Go to our website or contact us to find your nearest dealer.