Down Pressure® VS. Boss D-Force VS. Scrape Maxx

Down Pressure composite Image showing benefits

Sno-Way’s® Down Pressure®  hydraulic system is the fastest, most reliable and most efficient, hands down the BEST Down Pressure system on the marked. All Sno-Way® plows can have the optional down pressure hydraulics but it is standard on all R – series and 29VHD-Plows. The competition offers it as an accessory for all plows or a specific plow type that is limited to only straight blades.

ProControll 2 Plus Snow Plow ControllerSno-Way’s® Down Pressure®   hydraulic system utilizes a pressure switch as well as a relief to maintain the additional 250# of Down Pressure® at the cutting edge at all times.  This allows the cleanup to be 30% more efficient. There is no need to program your controller to utilize this feature like SnowEx, or to touch the control after you have activated down pressure like Boss, simply activate by tapping the joystick to the lower position.

To activate Down Pressure® press the Down Pressure® button and you done! The Down Pressure® button stays activated until you raise the plow, there is no need to double press buttons or worry about how much pressure is left in the line. The down pressure button will automatically activate as soon as you tap the lower function on the joystick. Because Sno-Way® doesn’t have to fill a bladder or reservoir to achieve down pressure the amount of time for the system to build the 250# of down force is almost instant. The down pressure is maintained even with the contour of the road.

Composite Image Showing Down PressureThis is not the case the D-Force.  When plowing, if the blade is forced up causing the hydraulic fluid to dump over relief, the pressure switch on the Sno-Way® Down Pressure®  system  will monitor pressure in the valve block and add pressure when needed. Each plow has a pressure switch sized to achieve the optimum amount of down pressure for each size plow.

Sno-Way® has developed and tested each plow to handle plowing both forward plowing and back dragging to achieve the best cleanup. Boss’s D-Force is only recommended to be used when back dragging. The ease of operating Sno-Way’s® Down Pressure keeps you focused on the job in front of you with less buttons to press and the ease of operation plowing is more efficient!

Table comparing Down Pressure to D-Force and Scrape Maxx