2021 Best Small Salt Spreader For Truck

Sno-Way 4 Cubic Ft. Tailgate Salt Spreader

Are you looking for the best small salt spreader for your truck?  Look no further than Sno-Way!


Our engineers work tirelessly to design the best snow and ice management tools for a wide range of vehicles and situations.  Among that wealth of plows and spreaders is the Sno-Way 4, our 4-Cubit-Foot tailgate salt spreader!  Built to provide excellent spread coupled with easy use, this little powerhouse is ideal for treating sidewalks, driveways, and small parking lots.  What’s better, these units will spread a wide variety of materials!  You can use it with salt, flakes, or free-flowing pellets with no optional tools required.

Simple and Dependable Salt Spreader For Truck

Tail Gate Salt Spreader drawing with Callout features

The Sno-Way 4 delivers an all-new performance level to the tailgate salt spreader group.  No other spreader in its class can match the simplicity of design, ease of use, or rugged design.  At an empty weight of just 95-lbs, the Sno-Way 4 is perfect for single operator handling.  The integrated wheels and tapered Class III hitch make attaching the spreader a snap.  Its rugged design gives it longevity.  The simple design makes it easy to use and a breeze to clean.

Thought Goes Into Every Detail

The Sno-Way 4 tailgate spreader uses a 1/3-HP 12V DC electric motor that is separated from the hopper interior and isolated from the exterior of the spreader.  This feature protects the motor from corrosive spread material and inclement weather.  The motor components are also specially coated for added corrosion resistance.
The Sno-Way 4 is designed with a belt reduction drive assembly that transfers power from the electric motor to the spinner.  We protected it by positioning it in the center of the spreader and enclosing it with a durable poly cover.  These protections fully seal the assembly from the elements and the corrosive spread material in the hopper.  The belt tension is easy to adjust on this low maintenance spreader.
In addition to the motor and drive innovations, we have added our exclusive Chunk Buster Salt Breakup System.  This system uses an inverted pyramid of bolts to easily crush salt clusters.  This allows the material to flow more easily out of the hopper and right to where you need it to go!

Where You Want, When You Want

When you are looking for a tailgate salt spreader for your truck you want something that gives you the ability to install it quickly and easily.  Sometimes you don’t have time to wait for someone to come help you.  Or maybe  friend or family member is counting on you to be able to make their driveway safer and there is no time to spare.  We have designed the Sno-Way 4 to be the perfect solution for you!
The integrated roller wheels that we integrated into the design allow for fast and easy portability.  Forget about bulky storage carts, Sno-Way provides you with built-in mobility to move your spreader with ease.  Unlike our competitors’ tailgate spreaders, the Sno-Way 4 can be easily mounted and removed from the truck by only one operator.
All Sno-Way tailgate spreader models include a standard Class III tapered hitch.  The square tube has an angled face for easy insertion into the receiver on the truck.  Two adjustment holes accommodate deeper locking points.  All hitches include a 5/8″ diameter bent arm hole pin and a spring pin lock.

But Wait, There’s More

Tailgate Salt Spreader ControllerIn addition to all the great standard features of our Sno-Way 4, there are plenty of options, too!  For starters, we give you the option of our standard wired controller or our wireless version.  Both controllers are variable speed and are backlit to make them easy to use.
When choosing accessories, consider our optional flood light.  There is never enough light when you are working to connect, fill, or configure your tailgate spreader for a truck.  Sno-Way’s tailgate spreader light kit conveniently mounts to your spreader and supplies excellent illumination for increased visibility during early morning or night salting applications. It includes mount hardware and easy plug and go circuitry.  It will give you plenty of light to see where you need to spread or see obstacles that could damage your spreader or your truck.Tailgate Salt Spreader Light Accessory
All of us have felt the frustration of knowing that you have plenty of material left in the hopper but it has gotten caked up in the hopper.  In addition to our Chunk Buster Salt Breakup System, we offer an optional vibrator motor to help shake any stubborn material from the sides of the hopper.

What Are You Waiting For?

This little powerhouse of a tailgate spreader is a must-have for anyone with a driveway or small parking lot.  Easy to use and dependable…the price will make the deal even better!  Click HERE to find a Sno-Way dealer near you.  They will be happy to help you find the spreader that is perfect for your needs!