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Sno-Way International Snow Plows



MBCSKD Series Spreader

Available in a variety of sizes – from 5' up to 10'– Sno-Way® 18-32SKD Straight Series Snow Plows provide efficient snow rolling and world-class durability. Simple, fast and reliable, SKD Straight Plows are built for either personal use or commercial snow plowing applications.

MBCSKD Features

MBCSKD Spreader Features Diagram
  1. Patented Ground Hugger™ Blade Design
  2. Triple-Coat Protection
  3. Pre-Drilled Top Rail Holes for E-Z Fit™ Snow Deflector
  4. Optional Sno-Way® E-Z Switch™
  5. E-Z Switch™ Wing Mount System
  6. Stitch welded 12 gauge blade for superior rigidity and strength

Spreader Accessories

MBCSKD Specifications

Spreader Materials

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Superb rigidity and enhanced curvature design for optimum snow-rolling and deflection.
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