Sno-Way® Bests Boss With 29RVHD Snow Plow

Sno-Way 29RVHD V-Plow Snow Plow

The Sno-Way® Flared 29RVHD bests the Boss VXT, DXT, and EXT snow plow models all at the same time!

It’s time to get serious about your snow plow game. Are you tired of your plow never having exactly the configuration you need for those tight spaces or complicated parking lots? Wouldn’t you like to go from one type of job to another knowing that you can adapt to every difficulty and surprise? Wouldn’t you like the windrow ease of the straight blade, the versatility and performance in tight corners of the V-Plow, and the snow-moving power of the box plow…all in one tool? Then it’s time to take a look at the brand-new Sno-Way® Flared 29RVHD for snow removal!

Some of Our Competition

One of our competitors is Boss plows, which has a wide selection of plows. They offer a variety of plows suited to different purposes. The Boss VXT snow plow is their classic v-plow product. It is their standard plow with a chainless hydraulic lift, designed to cover 81″ to 98″ with a blade height of 37″, with either a poly or stainless steel moldboard. The Boss DXT snow plow is their upgrade package v-plow model, providing their patented Dual-Trip feature. The Boss EXT snow plow is their offering for the expandable plow market, with expansion capabilities between 8-10 feet. The expandable wings of this straight plow are fully hydraulic and are pitched forward for better roll.

All three of these come standard with their SL3 lighting package. The upgraded versions have feature options available, such as the Boss D-Force feature, which improves back-dragging performance using downforce.  Options such as the D-Force come at an extra cost, unlike our Sno-Way® Down Pressure® Hydraulics System that comes standard with many models of our snow plows.

The Better Way To Go

Those are good snow plows, but Sno-Way can do better than that! The serious snow removal contractor needs a plow that will be as adaptable as his clients are unique! We all know that a contracting job is seldom a straight and easy job. There are complicated turns and snug corners that need a special configuration to allow you to make those tight spaces. There are those long and wide spaces where you can really take off! Those parts always make you wish that you had a wide enough blade to make those passes take less time.

What you really need is a snow plow manufacturer that understands your needs and has the innovation to make a plow that is both powerful and versatile.

A Snow Plow Made For Any Parking Lot

Sno-Way 29RVHD V-Plow on a white Ford F-250 - F-250 Snow Plow What if we told you that there was a snow plow built for every snow removal need? Every tight corner. Every long run. How about a snow plow that could be your straight blade one moment and your v-plow the next? What if that same plow could become a box plow with a click of a button? Oh yeah…we did that.

We introduce the remarkably versatile Sno-Way® 29RVHD Series 2 snow plow. It is the last plow you will ever need! Not only is it the latest innovation from the innovation leaders, but it is also the only plow like it on the market! You will not find a snow plow like this ANYWHERE else!

Our Unique Snow Plow Design

Built for 3/4 ton through the Class 5 work trucks, this powerhouse comes with everything. At its heart, it is a classic flared V-Plow, but in reality, it is so much more. It boasts a 10-foot wide straight blade configuration, which makes short work of the widest parking lots. With just a small change using the controller from the warmth and safety of your cab, your straight plow can move into a “V” or “Inverted-V” configuration. With another push of a button, your V-Plow can transform into a box plow!

The unique construction of our 29RVHD Series 2 snow plow allows us to utilize each of the strengths of all three of our plow styles. But it isn’t as easy as throwing together some pieces of metal and hoping for the best. We carefully engineer each of our plows, building innovation into every innovation. We started with our classic flared V-Plow, with its double-acting wing cylinders. This design is strong and practical, giving you maximum force in both the forward and back hydraulic positions.

Then we integrated patented hydraulic flared end-wings into each flared blade. This expanded the span of the blades while in a straight or a “V” formation. We added independent hydraulic cylinders so that you can move each flared end-wing to your desired configuration. This allows you the flexibility to make your plow into whatever configuration you need for the job!

You Get The Whole Thing

Diagram of down pressure for snow plows
Down Pressure® System

Although our newest innovation has a lot that makes it unique, some of its other features are what you’ve come to expect. Like all other V-Plows at Sno-Way, the 29RVHD comes standard with our patented Down Pressure® Hydraulics System. This system allows you to apply 250 lbs of down pressure forward or backward for snow removal. This makes your plow 30% more efficient and reduces the force applied to the front axle of your vehicle. This reduces vehicle maintenance and fuel costs, which is money in your pocket! The reduced skim layer requires less salt or chemicals for ice management.

Sno-Way MaxxADJUST level adjustment for snow plows

Our patented MaxADJUST™ Leveling System comes standard with this plow. This allows you to easily adjust your moldboard forward or backward, increasing your cutting edge life and preventing premature blade tripping. Meanwhile, our Ground Hugger™ blade design transfers pressure from the snow load to the blade to improve the scrape.

We didn’t forget the details of protecting the personnel and equipment, either. Our patented Shock Killer™ trip return system protects you from the jolting effects of the full moldboard trip when hitting an obstacle. We have all been in those cabs and experienced that second slam. Our system not only protects you, it also protects your equipment from the force of the return. Also, we have continued the relentless perfection of our lighting system! Our ESS® LED Thermosensitive Heated Light System will illuminate your way to a safer work environment.

What Could Make This Better

Every contractor knows that snow plowing is only a part of doing the job right. If you want to provide the best service to your customers you will want to be able to help them manage the ice that comes along with that snow. Sno-Way has a full line of salt spreaders. Whether you go with our classic tailgate spreader or the higher-capacity Revolution™ V-Box, you will not be disappointed!

Sno-Way 4 Cubic Ft. Tailgate Salt spreaderOur classic tailgate spreaders are perfect for those smaller jobs, coming in 4-cubic-foot, 6-cubic-foot, and 9-cubic-foot models. These spreaders fit any truck with a 2″ receiver. Our fully encapsulated 12-volt electric motor and enclosed belt reduction drive assembly power our tailgate spreaders, providing ample power that is protected from the elements. These spreaders have a spread radius of 10-30 feet.

Spreading The Joy

Sno-Way Revolution V-Box Salt SpreaderOur Revolution™ V-Box spreaders are built for the serious contractor! From the RVB10 (10-cubic-feet) to the RVB4300 (4.3-cubic-yard), we have something for everyone. The RVB10 is versatile enough to be used for UTVs or trucks, as either a broadcast or a drop spreader. The RVB500 can also be converted to a drop spreader with our optional hood attachment.

All of the Revolution™ V-Box spreaders come with an enclosed motor and gearbox running a steel auger, mounted inside a roto-molded and ribbed hopper. Almost all models come standard with our adjustable inverted-V system that helps to prevent clogging. There are many more features and options for the Sno-Way® Revolution™ V-Box spreaders! Check them out HERE!

Get Your Three-In-One Snow Plow Today!

Isn’t it time for you to rise above your competition? It is easy to see how the 29RVHD snow plow is the better plow for the money! If you have more questions about this or any of our other amazing plows, head over to our Dealer Locator page and find the nearest certified Sno-Way® dealer. They will help you with any questions and then get you set up with the snow plow that is right for you!