Power and Versatility – Sno-Way’s Revolution Series Snow Plow!

May 4, 2020

The Power and Versatility Revolution

Among the many different snow plow options that Sno-Way offers are the Revolution Series snow plows. Built to meet the needs of contractors from small one-man operations to larger businesses, the Revolution Series commercial snow plow is our most powerful and versatile plow.

We designed the Revolution series to be something more than the other expandable commercial snow plows on the market. We wanted to give our customers the ability to modify the width of their plow without compromising the strength of the plow. We also wanted to give you the most versatility possible. Why not add versatility to versatility?

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Designing The Best On The Market

The first thing we did was to use our two most popular commercial snow plows, the 26 and 29-inch models. These blades provided us with a good width for most applications, along with a good height for pushing the optimal amount of snow. Then we designed the wings. They needed to be wide enough to provide a good addition to the blade for larger applications (large parking lots, wide driveways, etc). They also needed to be strong enough to take the pressure of the snow they will be pushing. We wanted them to be able to function independently of the other to allow for more options for the user. To do that we added a double-hinge or “Double Wing Mechanism”, our patented system that allows the wings of the Revolution Series snow plow to pivot 150-degrees independently of one another. This movement is hydraulically controlled to allow for the maximum amount of control and strength. The wings were also designed to have no gaps that would allow the snow to push through and drop back on the pavement.

We wanted to make this a plow that could be available across the board.  The 26R Revolution snow plow was designed with the lighter weight (1/2-ton) trucks in mind.  While the 29R Revolution snow plow isn’t recommended for lightweight trucks, it is able to be attached to anything from 3/4 ton trucks, to 1-ton trucks, to Class 4 & 5 trucks.  So no matter what you have in your fleet, we’ve got you covered!

The Revolution Series allows you to have the most control with the most options. The triple-axis design allows you to turn the system into a box plow, a scoop plow, expandable-wing, or straight blade plow. Need to cut in on one side and pull the snow away from vehicles or sidewalks? Just pull one wing in at an angle and leave the other straight. With a pivot of the entire blade, you are now able to pull the snow away. Do you have a drive-through or a narrow exit? You are able to pull both wings in and angle it if necessary. But along with the versatility of this plows comes power too! This beast will allow you to be able to move 6.1 cubic yards of snow at a time, that’s 30% more than our competitors! The ability to expand out to a 10-foot wide straight blade means that you can effectively clear your lots up to 70% faster than with a conventional blade!

What makes this powerhouse even more impressive is that it comes with our patented Down Pressure snow plow hydraulics system. This system makes our plows 30% more efficient than any of our competitors. Down Pressure eliminates the skim layer that all other plows leave behind, reducing the number of passes needed. This saves fuel, reduces the amount of sand or salt needed, and increases your traction. Studies have shown that the Down Pressure system creates less force on the front axle of your truck. All of this reduces the wear-and-tear on your truck and decreases the possibility of accidents. With this tool at your disposal, you will be able to clear snow far more quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“I think the best all-around setup I’ve had is a Sno-Way 29R. It’s just a really versatile plow. It’s small enough that you can use it just about anywhere. You can mount it on a 3/4-ton truck. Those are still relatively small. You can maneuver them. It’s quick, it’s durable, I don’t have to worry about breaking it in the middle of a snowstorm.

–Dan Brunner

Don’t just take our word for it! Dan Brunner from Extra Mile Landscaping in West Bend, Wisconsin tells us that the Sno-Way Revolution 29R is his favorite plow, hands-down. Dan works for a contractor that specializes in snow removal for many clients with a wide variety of configurations. For him the best plow for all of those jobs is the 29R: “I think the best all-around setup I’ve had is a Sno-Way 29R. It’s just a really versatile plow. It’s small enough that you can use it just about anywhere. You can mount it on a 3/4-ton truck. Those are still relatively small. You can maneuver them. It’s quick, it’s durable, I don’t have to worry about breaking it in the middle of a snowstorm.” While the versatility of the 29R is impressive, he is also impressed with the design of it for ease of maintenance and repair. “I like the way they are designed. They are relatively easy to work on, relatively easy to troubleshoot. Being a mechanic, that’s something that is important to me.” He admits, though, that he doesn’t need to spend much time with repairs. “They’re pretty tough. Sno-Way did a good job at designing the wing and the main blade to prevent permanent twisting and deforming.”

But Wait, There’s More

We are done with just designing an impressive beast of a plow! Sno-Way is committed to innovation in every place where we see there is an opportunity for improvement. We add to this awesome machine options and accessories that will help you be even more productive while on the job. Our patented Wireless Pro Control II offers the ultimate in in-cab flexibility, allowing you full control of your Revolution Series plow without the need to run wiring into the cabin. Our E-Z Fit Snow Deflector design includes enhanced curvature for optimum snow-rolling and deflection. With superior impact resistance and made with a super-slick material, it is a must-have that is easy to mount. Speaking of must-have’s, our 4-Sight Plow Lighting System is paired with our patented EIS wiring system to provide you with superior and reliable lighting for every job. Other plows use a relay system to provide power for their systems. Any commercial plow operator will tell you about lost money when they fried a relay at 3:00 AM during a snow storm. In addition to this innovation, we protected the wiring system with military-grade connectors that resist the salt and water that are ever-present in our business. All of this is done to provide the plow operator a safe working environment and help reduce the possibility of damage from unseen obstacles.

Do you want to know more about the most powerful and most versatile snow plow in our product line? Check out our closest dealer by clicking HERE. They will be able to answer any questions for you!