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"It's like Uber for snow removal!" – Mike Stevens, Editor-in-Chief of Snow Plow News

SnoHub, launched in December 2016, is looking to bring the on-demand service model to snow removal. Open the app, press a few buttons, and customers can track a snowplow crew as they make their way to their driveway. The app, which is offered for both iPhone and Android, connects homeowners with snow plowing businesses for on-demand plowing. Payments are handled within the app, with SnoHub collecting a transaction fee.

SnoHub aims to open the door for people with reliable equipment to step into the market and earn extra income on their own terms, partnering with over 7,500 contractors across 18 states. "There are thousands of people looking for additional ways to generate income to make ends meet. Clearly the SnoHub App provides this opportunity," said SnoHub Founder & Chief Executive Officer, James Albis.

The app allows contractors to quickly identify jobs in their area, track jobs and transactions, and get paid automatically – without invoicing or chasing customers for payment. "In all my years of contracting, I have never seen such a window of opportunity to generate additional income from an app," said Rick Cook, a SnoHub contractor. "As a painter, my business slows down significantly in the winter. I don't know how I would have made it through the winter if it was not for SnoHub."

Sno-Way is partnering with SnoHub to get you in on the action with minimal startup costs. Sign up as a SnoHub contractor to receive exclusive discounts on Sno-Way plow packages. For a limited time, qualified buyers can receive financing at 0% interest until March, and no payments until April. With combined incentives and promotions, you could get a starter plow package for payments as low as $150/month!

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