New Pickup V-Plow for Light-Duty Trucks

Sno-Way 22V Snow Plow

Check out the new pickup snow plow with big possibilities for small trucks!

We have had a busy year at Sno-Way, providing our customers with some amazing innovations for their pickup snow plows. Among those innovations is one specially designed to maximize the potential for light-duty truck owners!

Light-duty trucks are the underappreciated workhorses of the contractor world. Priced lower than their bigger cousins, they still have a lot to offer. Trucks like the Colorado, Ranger, and Bronco can handle a long list of tough tasks throughout a campus, farm, or manufacturing area. Construction firms and contractors love vehicles like the Tacoma and Frontier, both for their horsepower and cargo hauling. They are easier on the checkbook on gas mileage and they are easier to get into tight work areas. Even the Gladiator and Wrangler vehicles are helpful on the work site. While they might not be able to pull or carry as much as a 1-ton or other class truck, they certainly play an important role in businesses around the country!

An Evolution for the Small Pickup Snow Plow

flared 22V pickup snow plow on a Red TruckThe engineers at Sno-Way® recognized the untapped potential of small pickup trucks and aimed to create a solution that would fully harness this potential, specifically catering to snow plow contractors. The benefits offered by the small pickup truck snow plows are significant, affording contractors the ability to clear smaller parking lots more efficiently. These plows designed for small trucks excel in navigating tight corners and confined spaces.

We are happy to introduce the brand new Sno-Way® Flared Wing 22V Series 2 snow plow! It was built with the light-duty truck in mind. Weighing in at just 380 lbs, this lightweight plow will help your pickup keep its gas mileage advantages. It covers 7.3 feet as a straight blade and over 6.4 feet in “V” configuration. Its sleek footprint will allow you to plow spaces that challenge bigger trucks but will still give you a wide enough configuration to make your longer runs quickly.

Still Has All Of Our Usual Bells & Whistles

A lot of places try to cut a few corners while trying to seem innovative. That doesn’t fly around here! Our plows are built to provide our customers with every advantage possible.

diagram of down pressure for pickup truck snow plowFor instance, while we were able to keep this fighter in the lightweight class, it can still deliver the same pressure as its big brothers! Our Down Pressure® Hydraulics System provides this pickup snow plow with the same 250-lbs of downward pressure as our other V-Plows. This gives you a cleaner scrape while taking pressure off of your suspension. This pays you back with every pass, reducing maintenance, increasing gas mileage, and requiring less salt or chemical for ice management.

You also get the same advantages in our basic build, as well. Our pickup snow plows are all built with the same tube steel and Tab Slot & Lock construction, giving you unsurpassed load force absorption. Our plows are protected from the extreme elements our customers work in with our Triple-Coat Protection. Treated with the same E-Coat paint as your truck and then coated in military-grade powder-coating, your plow is ready for punishment! Even in its most basic design, our plows make you a winner. Our plow blades use the weight of the snow on the moldboard to optimize our plow’s performance with an aggressive 65-degree cutting edge.

How About Some Options

Sno-Wat ESS Smart Flash LED Lighting System
ESS® Smart Flash®

While you are going to enjoy our ESS® LED Thermosensitive Lighting System as a standard feature, there are some options that you will want to consider! How can you improve such a great pickup snow plow? Read on to find out!

Our lighting system will provide you with plenty of illumination for your work, but you can up your game with a couple of our excellent lighting options. Our Smart Flash® Kit allows you to integrate a safety feature into your existing vehicle lighting. With a turn of a switch, you can transform your turn signal lights and/or other auxiliary lights into flashing safety lights! We also offer the ESS® Smart Sight® light set to expand the range of our already amazing lighting configuration.

Our plows come with an in-cab wired controller as part of their standard features. You can take advantage of our wireless version if you want to avoid the complications and expense of running the needed cables in the truck cabin. This option gives you the flexibility of mounting it anywhere you want and stowing it in the glove box when you are done using it. What’s more…you can use it with either hand!

So What About Ice Management

As we all know, plowing the snow is only half of the battle. Managing the cleared pavement to prevent a slick surface due to ice buildup is just as important! That is why we have developed a full line of salt spreaders for trucks, UTVs, and skid steers/tractors. Whether you go with our classic tailgate spreader or the higher-capacity Revolution™ V-Box, you will not be disappointed!

There are two product lines that work well for light-duty trucks. The first is our classic tailgate spreader line. The second is our Revolution™ V-Box spreaders, although only the RVB10 and RVB500 are rated for light-duty trucks.

Which Spreader To Pick

Sno-Way 4 cubic ft. tailgate salt spreaderSno-Way RVB500 V-Box Salt SpreaderOur classic tailgate spreaders are perfect for light-duty trucks, coming in 4-cubic-foot, 6-cubic-foot, and 9-cubic-foot models. These spreaders fit any truck with a 2″ receiver. Our fully encapsulated 12-volt electric motor and enclosed belt reduction drive assembly power our tailgate spreaders, providing ample power that is protected from the elements. These spreaders have a spread radius of 10-30 feet.

If you really need to up your game, our Revolution™ V-Box spreaders have just what you need! The RVB10 (10-cubic-feet) and RVB500 (1/2-cubic-yard) are rated for the light-duty truck class. The versatile RVB10 can be used as either a broadcast or a drop spreader. The RVB500 can also be converted to a drop spreader with our optional hood attachment. All of the Revolution™ V-Box spreaders come with an enclosed motor and gearbox running a steel auger, mounted inside a roto-molded and ribbed hopper. The RVB500 comes standard with our adjustable inverted-V system that helps to prevent clogging. There are many more features and options for the Sno-Way Revolution™ V-Box spreaders! Check them out HERE!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Unleash the potential of your light-duty truck to be the truck plow beast that it truly is! The Sno-Way® Flared Wing 22V pickup snow plow is the tool you didn’t realize you needed. Call or stop by your nearest Sno-Way® distributor to find out how to get yours TODAY! Check out our DEALER LOCATOR by clicking here.