Sno-Way International Snow Plows
Sno-Way International Snow Plows
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SWS 30 Salt-Wetting System


  • Supported by stainless steel frame
  • Custom designed fit to the Sno-Way RVB Spreaders
  • RVB 1500/2000/2500 accepts two tanks
  • 12 Volt DC motor
  • Can use on/off switch or RS Control (patent pending) that handles all spreader controls
  • Quick disconnect couplers for easy use on spreader chute
  • Accelerates melting process
  • Reduces amount of salt needed

Can Use

  • Salt Brine
  • Calcium Chloride Brine
  • Premium Branded Liquids

SWS Filling Station (Optional Accessory)

Refill your 30 gallon Salt Wetting System tank using the Sno-Way optional SWS Filling Station.

Plug the pump into a 120 Volt AC outlet, attach the hose to your liquid and turn on the pump.

SWS 30 gallon tank fills at a top rate of 5 gallons per minute.

In about 6 minutes the tank is full, and you are ready to make more money, and no back breaking work to get it done.

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Pre-Wet system accelerates melting process reducing amount of salt needed.
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