How to Program my wireless ProControl™ II?

Sno-Way ProControl II Wireless Snow Plow Controller

  1. Ensure vehicle bumper connection is made and vehicle supply voltage is 12VDC. Also  verify that the 14 and 4 pin (when present) connectors are connected from the receiver  module to the power unit. A red blinking LED indicates the receiver has power and is  not communicating with a transmitter.  
  2. Turn the ProControl™ II transmitter on and put it into Pairing Mode by pressing and  holding the Down Pressure® button or pairing button for at least 5 seconds, but not more  than 10 seconds. When the button is released, the backlights will flash continuously,  and the transmitter will be in pairing mode. NOTE: Refer to “OPERATION” section for  button details.  
  3. Place a metal object across the 2 pairing pins on the receiver module. (See Figure 1-1).  Remove the object and the LED on the receiver will alternately flash green and red to  indicate the receiver is in pairing mode.  
  4. When the receiver and transmitter are paired, the DP light (plow) or salt light (spreader)  will flash three times and the LED on the receiver will flash green three times and then  flash red. When this happens, push the DP (Down Pressure®) button or pairing button to  exit pairing mode. NOTE: If the DP light or salt light on the transmitter does not flash  and the LED on the receiver does not flash green three times before going back to  flashing red, the pairing attempt has failed. Go back to step 1 and repeat steps. 
  5. After exiting pairing mode, the back lights and DP light or salt light on the transmitter will  flash alternately 4 times. Then the DP light or salt light on the transmitter will flash three  times and the signal light on the transmitter and LED light on the receiver will change to  flashing green. Once this occurs the control is ready to use.