The Best Snow Plow for a 1/2 Ton Truck

Sno-Way 26R Snow Plow on a blue GMC Sierra 1500

What snow plow can you mount on a half-ton truck that can move more snow than a v-plow?  Only the 26 Revolution™ series ½ ton snow plow.

The 26 R Plow Moves the Most Snow

We named this serious the “Revolution™” series because it has revolutionized snow plowing.  At the touch of a button on the controller, this straight blade snow plow becomes a box plow on the front of your truck, moving more than twice the amount of snow than a regular v-blade snow plow.


A Heavy Duty Half-Ton Plow that is Easy on Your Truck

Our trademark Shock Killer™ system absorbs more impact so your truck doesn’t have to.  That is not the only benefit our plow has for your medium duty truck.  Our plows are physically lighter because we user higher strength steel on our plow than the competition, which means less stress on your vehicle for more plow on your front end.

The Best Cleaning Half-Ton Rated Snow Plow

Will a “light” plow clean the surface as well?  You bet when that plow is the 26R with our patented Ground Hugger™ blade design as well as our patented Down Pressure® hydraulic system.  Other plows are too heavy for a ½ ton truck, they drag down your front end and leave little weight on your back tires making you slip and slide while plowing.

With the light weight of our plow, with our Ground Hugger,™ and with our Down Pressure® technologies, you actually plow a cleaner surface than your average heavy plow and because the Down Pressure® allows more weight to be on your rear tires than an average plow, you can safely plow a lot at a higher speed even in heavy wet snows because you have the control and stability you need with your truck.

We aren’t Done Telling You How Much We Love this Ultimate Snow Plow!

The 26R Snow Plow has a drive in mounting system as well as a light system that directly wires into your truck (it makes for a faster install and a system that does not break).  The e-coat primer and military grade powder coat finish means it is harder for rust to attack your blade.  We can’t even imagine a better plow for a half-ton truck; this plow truly Revolutionizes the Half-Ton Snow Plow market.

Find Out More About the 26R Plows for Half-Ton Trucks

You can find out more details about the 26R Series Snow Plows on our main site.  Better yet, you can contact your local dealer today to get the best advice about the right snow plow setup for your ½ ton truck.