Best Snow Plow for a ½ Ton Pickup

Sno-Way 26 Series Snow Plow on a Silver Ford F-150

Lighter weight trucks still need heavy duty snow plows; our half-ton pickup snow plows provide the best answer for your plowing needs.

The 26 Series Snow Plow by Sno-Way® is Your Ticket to Results

Whether you are a guy just plowing a small lot or you are a contractor who appreciates how a ½ ton truck is more economical than a ¾ ton, you need a reliable snow plow that is going to move snow fast so you can get the job done.  Not only that, but you also need a plow that weighs less so the snow plow does not drag down the front end of your pickup.  The contractor grade Sno-Way® 26 series plow is your answer for a plow designed for a ½ ton pickup that is built to endure years of heavy contractor use.

A Lighter Yet MORE Durable Snow Plow

Our snow plows use high strength steel, so it takes less steel to build a snow plow with the greater strength.  That means our plows are both lighter AND stronger at the same time.  Not only is the plow lighter, with our patented Down Pressure® system your light plow pushes hard against the ground for a cleaner surface on the first pass and because the plow pushes down, more weight is moved to your rear tires giving you more control and stability even while pushing wet, heavy snow.  That means you can safely drive faster while plowing and still get a clean surface.

Less Time, cleaner surface…there must be a catch.  The catch is you are using the latest technology designed by our snow plow engineers, patented so no one else can give you this performance.  Look to the other guys for an old hunk of steel on your front end; look to Sno-Way® for the latest in high performance snow plows.

Innovative Plows for Plowing Excellence

We worked smarter instead of harder to give you the best snow plow on the market for your half-ton pickup truck allowing YOU to work smarter instead of harder.  We truly innovated and revolutionized the half-ton truck snow plows, making an affordable snow plow that is unsurpassed in the industry.  Contact your local snow plow dealer today about how a high quality Sno-Way® snow plow can meet your specific needs.