Beefy Salt Spreader For 3/4-Ton To 1-Ton Trucks

Sno-Way RVB1500 V-Box Salt Spreader

We Have Salt Spreaders With More Power

Is it time to up your salt spreader game? Are you tired of refilling the hopper so often now that you have more jobs? Are you upgrading your truck to handle larger jobs? Sno-Way® can outfit you to do more and do it more efficiently!

Bigger Options For 3/4-Ton And 1-Ton Trucks

Are you looking for a salt spreader for your 3/4-ton or 1-ton truck? Owners of Ford F-250, Silverado 2500, and Ram 2500 trucks know that with those more powerful trucks comes increased compacity. If you upgraded to the even more powerful Ford F-350, Silverado 3500, or Ram 3500, you’re going to be looking for a return on that investment! Trucks are not created equally, why should your snow and ice management solutions be? Contractors with larger trucks are looking for salt spreader solutions that have increased capacity and the features to control them more efficiently.

Our Revolution™ V-Box spreader line has just what you’re looking for in a 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck salt spreader solution. From the RVB1500 with a 1-1/2-cubic-yard capacity to the monster RVB3000 with a 3-cubic-yard capacity, our spreaders can help you to cover more ground without refilling. This helps your business to be more efficient and your customers get their pavement cleared more quickly! It is a win-win solution!

Engineered To Be The Best In The Business

Sno-Way RVB3000 V-Box Salt Spreader - Salt Spreader for 3/4 Ton TruckOur engineers thoroughly researched the needs of snow and ice management specialists. Then they set to designing a salt spreader for trucks that would work for them no matter the size of their operation. If you are looking for that perfect spreader for your contracting business, we have the right one for the job!

There are plenty of salt spreaders on the market. But you don’t want just any salt spreader for your truck. You want the one that is going to get the job done consistently and be durable no matter how often it gets used. You want to be able to rely on it year after year. That is what makes our REVOLUTION™ V-Box Series such a great bargain! You get the best for your money as it pays back your investment season after season!

A Revolution in Salt Spreaders

The Poly Dual Electric RVB spreaders are built for the professional snow and ice removal specialist. The Revolution™ Spreader line uses a heavy-duty electric motor with a 1/2-horsepower direct drive gearbox to run the auger. A 1/3-horsepower electric motor and a direct drive gearbox run the spinner. Both motors and drives are fully enclosed so that water and salt do not penetrate.

One harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug-and-play for accessories with no cutting or splicing required. We have also provided precut holes in the framing to allow for the wiring to be tucked away and safe from pulls or cuts.

RVB salt spreader frameSpeaking of the frame, the RVB spreaders are outfitted with a frame with a triple-protection coating. We start with zinc phosphate wash as an initial layer to prevent corrosion. This is followed by an automotive-style E-coat that penetrates the metal, bonding with it electrically to the metal. This primer method prevents rust from ever starting. We complete the process with a military-grade powder coat for a tough exterior.

The inside of the poly hopper walls is designed for maximum flow of the toughest materials to minimize material bridging. The Poly Hopper is mounted on an E-Coat primed and then Powder-Coated custom frame and drive support to give you a spreader that will provide you years of service. Sno-Way® is known for having the best spread pattern in the industry. The Sno-Way® RVB spreaders will NOT disappoint!

The Revolution™ V-Box family has a roto molded perimeter with a ribbed hopper, supported by a custom frame and drive support. The easy on/off stainless steel and roto molded chute has a 16” four flute poly spinner to provide you long life and superior spread pattern up to 30’. The chute is available in 16” short or 29” long models. You will need to choose one to go with your RVB Spreader, as the chute is not included with the spreader.

Sno-Way RS Salt Spreader ControllerPart of our standard features also includes our RS Controller.  The intuitive design of the control allows the professional snow and ice removal expert to gain an advantage over competitors’ units. Contractors that use the Revolution™ V-Box spreaders along with the RS control are able to save time,  reduce wasted material and get the job done with greater profit.  The RS Controller allows you to adjust auger and spinner speed independently using pinwheels to increase or decrease the speed of the auger or spinner.

What Makes the RVB1500 through the RVB3000 Special

Increased Carrying Capacity: All of the RVB line from the 1500 to 3000 is designed to carry more that a cubic yard of material. The RVB1500 is rated to carry up to 1-1/2-cubic-yards of material for a 3/4-ton truck or larger. The RVB2000 is rated to carry up to 2-cubic-yards of material in a 1-ton truck or larger. The RVB2500 can carry 2-1/2-cubic-yards and the RVB3000 is rated for up to 3-cubic-yards. Both of them are rated for a 1-ton truck or larger.

salt spreader vibrator motorDual Vibrator Motors: All of these Revolution™ V-Box units come with two vibrator motors as standard equipment. The vibrator motor easily bolts to your hopper to provide consistent agitation of the spread material for superior flow to the spinner.

SWS30 salt spreader wetting system - Pre-Wet SystemAdditional Salt Wetting Capacity: Our RVB1500-RVB3000 units can carry dual salt wetting tanks for even more ice prevention capacity. Our specialized 30-gallon Salt Wetting System (SWS30) allows you to use salt brine, calcium chloride brine, or other premium branded liquids to wet your salt. The optional system makes for easier distribution in our spreader mechanism and more effective ice melting. This allows you to more effectively manage ice and use less salt. It is custom-designed to fit to the Sno-Way® RVB spreaders. Its 12-volt DC motor can be controlled manually or using our RS Control. The optional dual tanks keep you on the road longer so you can service more clients!

Accessorize The Salt Spreader For Your Truck

Sno-Way® has provided a wide variety of accessories to help you to customize your Revolution™ V-Box salt spreader for your particular use. Choose any one of these options…or all of them!

salt spreader jam release toolJAM RELEASE MECHANISM: Jams can happen, even with the best spreaders. This device is a lifesaver keeping you from digging out the hopper. Simply insert it into the end of the Auger Shaft and the use of a simple ratchet wrench and you are back in business. This tool is for use on any of the RVB spreaders.

RVB Salt Spreader LightRVB SPREADER LIGHT KIT: Sno-Way’s® RVB salt spreader light kit conveniently mounts to your spreader.  This accessory supplies excellent illumination for increased visibility during early morning or night salting applications. Includes mount hardware and easy plug-and-go circuitry. This option is available for use with all RVB spreaders.

salt spreader wetting system filling kitSWS FILLING STATION: A companion accessory for our optional Salt Wetting System (SWS) is the SWS Filling Station. The 120-volt pump fills your 30-gallon tank at the rate of 5 gallons per minute. Quick and easy, it eliminates the need to remove the tank for filling.

Get Your Sno-Way® Revolution™ V-Box Spreader Now

Now is the time to get the best salt spreader for your truck on the market! Contact the closest dealer and they will be happy to help you figure out the snow and ice management equipment that is right for your vehicle and business. Let our commitment to excellence and innovation help you to “Move It”!