Sno-Way International Snow Plows
Sno-Way International Snow Plows
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No Gap Hinge Mechanism

The patented No-Gap Hinge mechanism provides cleaner plowing, enhanced durability and a reduction in uneven wear of the cutting edges.

Demanding users will be delighted with no "snow trail" being left behind making them more efficient. The "No-Gap" hinge design is found on the following plows: 26R, 29R, 29VHD, Revolution HD

Key Features:
  • Custom designed cutting edges allow snow flow and less wear
  • Design of center pivot cylinder coupled with the custom edges eliminates any gap
  • Center cylinder design reduces wear at the critical center point as all edges meet the ground
  • The "banana" wear pattern common to all hinge or vee plows is eliminated
  • There is no sacrificial "boot" or "edge" that needs to be replaced or tweaked every so often
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