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Optional Accessories


Wireless and Programmable

The wireless Pro Control™ keeps your truck cab in original condition and installs in minutes with ZERO drilling or wire harness "snaking" through the vehicle firewall. [learn more] [Watch Pairing Video]


Sno-Way, the leader in designing small plows with a big appetite for snow does it again. We have designed a trip edge straight plow for the UTV market. This fully hydraulic 6 foot straight plow has been tested and proven to meet the unique challenges of the UTV. Our plow mount system makes putting on your plow or taking it off a real snap, without sacrificing ground clearance. Eliminate all of the wires needed to control the plow by choosing our optional wireless Pro Control. Team up with Sno-Way to make your UTV a money making snow moving machine.


  • Trip Edge Blade Design
    • Plow much easier on UTV frame, when obstacles are encountered
  • Enclosed Hydraulic System
    • Matches the amp draw of the UTV and delivers superior plow speed
  • Direct Hydraulic Lifting System
    • Maximizes lift speed and stacking height
  • Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance
    • Zinc Phosphate Rinse
    • E-Coat Primer
    • Powder Coat Finish
  • When plow is removed only the mounting system remains under the UTV.
  • Mounting system provides excellent ground clearance and easy on easy off.
  • Integrated swing frame on the blade and reinforced blade structure for long plow life.

UTV Spreader Mount Kit

Fits 4 - 6 cu. ft.
Receiver Spreader

Skid Steer 4cu.ft. Spreader

UTV Spreader
Mounting Bracket

Skid Steer Spreader Bracket