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Sno-Way International Snow Plows

SKD10HS Series

SKD10HS Series Salt Spreader
COMMERCIAL Salt Spreader

The Sno-Way® SKD10HS skid steer and tractor loader hydraulic salt spreader is the smart solution for fast, efficient deicing. The low profile design provides excellent visibility and is ideal for use in parking lots, loading docks, mall entrances and walkways.

SKD10HS Features

SKD10HS Spreader Features Diagram

Spreader Accessories

Universal Spreader Light Kit

Universal Spreader Light Kit

Sno-Way's universal spreader light conveniently mounts to your spreader and supplies excellent illumination for increased visibility during early morning or night salting applications. Includes mount hardware and easy plug and go circuitry. Use with all Receiver and PDE spreaders.
Vibrator Motor Kit

Vibrator Motor Kit

The vibrator motor easily bolts to Sno-Way's 4-, 6- or 9-Cu.-Ft. poly hoppers and electric or gas V-box spreaders. The motor provides consistent agitation of spread material for superior flow to the receiver spreader spinner or V-box conveyor. Each motor ships with complete mount hardware.
Spreader Auxiliary Power Harness

Spreader Auxiliary Power Harness

Sno-Way's auxiliary power harness allows you to easily connect additional spreader accessories (see vibrator motor and light kits) to the installed spreader harness on the vehicle without splicing wires. Fast and simple, this harness installs in seconds!

SKD10HS Specifications

Spreader Materials

Spreader 40 lbs. Bag 80 lbs. Bag
4 - Cu. Ft. 7.5 Bags 3.5 Bags
6 - Cu. Ft. 11.0 Bags 5.5 Bags
9 - Cu. Ft. 16.5 Bags 8.5 Bags

Always follow the recommended application directions for the spreader materials.

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